What is Happenning in Istanbul?

To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

Last week of May 2013 a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and yoga students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least one in every neighborhood! The tearing down of the trees was supposed to begin early Thursday morning. People went to the park with their blankets, books and children. They put their tents down and spent the night under the trees. Early in the morning when the bulldozers started to pull the hundred-year-old trees out of the ground, they stood up against them to stop the operation.

They did nothing other than standing in front of the machines.

No newspaper, no television channel was there to report the protest. It was a complete media black out.

But the police arrived with water cannon vehicles and pepper spray. They chased the crowds out of the park.

In the evening of May 31st the number of protesters multiplied. So did the number of police forces around the park. Meanwhile local government of Istanbul shut down all the ways leading up to Taksim square where the Gezi Park is located. The metro was shut down, ferries were cancelled, roads were blocked.

Yet more and more people made their way up to the center of the city by walking.

They came from all around Istanbul. They came from all different backgrounds, different ideologies, different religions. They all gathered to prevent the demolition of something bigger than the park:

The right to live as honorable citizens of this country.

They gathered and continued sitting in the park. The riot police set fire to the demonstrators’ tents and attacked them with pressurized water, pepper and tear gas during a night raid. Two young people were run over by the vehicles and were killed. Another young woman, a friend of mine, was hit in the head by one of the incoming tear gas canisters. The police were shooting them straight into the crowd. After a three hour operation she is still in Intensive Care Unit and in very critical condition. As I write this we don’t know if she is going to make it. This blog is dedicated to her.

These people are my friends. They are my students, my relatives. They have no «hidden agenda» as the state likes to say. Their agenda is out there. It is very clear. The whole country is being sold to corporations by the government, for the construction of malls, luxury condominiums, freeways, dams and nuclear plants. The government is looking for (and creating when necessary) any excuse to attack Syria against Turkish people’s will.

On top of all that, the government control over its people’s personal lives has become unbearable as of late. The state, under its conservative agenda passed many laws and regulations concerning abortion, cesarean birth, sale and use of alcohol and even the color of lipstick worn by the airline stewardesses.

People who are marching to the center of Istanbul are demanding their right to live freely and receive justice, protection and respect from the State. They demand to be involved in the decision-making processes about the city they live in.

What they have received instead is excessive force and enormous amounts of tear gas shot straight into their faces. Three people lost their eyes.

Yet they still march. Hundreds and thousands of citizens from all walks of life then joined them to support for the protestors. Couple of more thousand passed the Bosporus Bridge on foot to support the people of Taksim. They were met with more water cannons and more pepper spray, more hostility. Four people died, thousands of people were injured.

No newspaper or TV channel was there to report the events. They were busy with broadcasting news about Miss Turkey and “the strangest cat of the world”.

Police kept chasing people and spraying them with pepper spray to an extent that stray dogs and cats were poisoned and died by it.

Schools, hospitals and even 5 star hotels around Taksim Square opened their doors to the injured. Doctors filled the classrooms and hotel rooms to provide first aid. Some police officers refused to spray innocent people with tear gas and quit their jobs. Around the square they placed jammers to prevent internet connection and 3g networks were blocked. Residents and businesses in the area provided free wireless network for the people on the streets. Restaurants offered food and water for free.

People in Ankara and İzmir gathered on the streets to support the resistance in Istanbul. Demonstations spread to other cities where citizens were faced more brutality and hostiliy from police. Hundred of thousands kept joining.

Mainstream media kept showing Miss Turkey and “the strangest cat of the world”.


I am writing this letter so that you know what is going on in Istanbul. Mass media will not tell you any of this. Not in my country at least. Please post as many as articles as you see on the Internet and spread the word.

I do not belong to a political party. I don’t believe in politics. I don’t defend any ideology and I am not on the side of any regime. Like many others in Turkey I am tired and frustrated from the polarization between Kemalist seculars and the Islamists. I don’t belong to any of them. I believe in moving away from polarization and towards a new way of relating. I know many people who are out on the streets of Istanbul share the way I think and I know we are not the only ones. We just want to live our lives with human dignity.

As I was posting articles that explained what is happening in Istanbul on my Facebook page last night someone asked me the following question:

«What are you hoping to gain by complaining about our country to foreigners?»

This blog is my answer to her.

By so called «complaining» about my country I am hoping to gain:

Freedom of expression and speech,

Respect for human rights,

Control over the decisions I make concerning my on my body,

The right to legally congregate in any part of the city without being considered a terrorist.

But most of all by spreading the word to you, my friends who live in other parts of the world, I am hoping to get your awareness, support and help!

Please spread the word and share this blog.

Thank you!

For futher info and things you can do for help please see Amnesty International’s Call for Urgent Help


Taken from Occupy Gezi Facebook page. Also used by Reuters

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  1. Anonim dedi ki:

    facebook dont let me add occupy gezi’s page. it said it doesn’t existe. Strongness for your struggle. your struggle and ours are the same. capitalism is internacional, so do our struggle.

    • Idil Vice dedi ki:

      Anonim this is the facebook page you are looking to add: https://www.facebook.com/geziparkidirenisi

    • CITIZEN OF THE WORLD dedi ki:

      Facebook and youtube blocks us. and everything about turkey. Slowly…
      FB and YTB supports one ugly MF modern dictator now 😦

      • linkingabo dedi ki:

        more and more people are sharing this blog post on FB 😉

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        There are plenty of videos about this on YouTube.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I got to this from a Facebook link to it.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        wich one dictator?

      • Buket dedi ki:

        The posts in Youtube are being deleted! So please download as soon as possible and share them!

      • ;A dedi ki:

        İn Turkey everything s ok, just you are looking from other window.. in a country there are to much diffirent people and it s normal to think not the same from this it is normal to see some problem like this but just try to remember in istanbul how many people s living !!! 25 million peoples living and in this 25 milliones people just 20 thousand or 50 thousand peoples who s not loving Turkey and Turkey’s prime minister that they doing like this… and for they are sending you news like this service that you are thinking so bad about turkey….just know in Turkey 80 milliones peopoles lifing and 40 milliones peoples holdin this government…. in soon it wil be finish and everything will be normal….;))

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        it is the “normal” people you have to be afraid of. If I would live in a state were any form of religion is involved in the goverment I would be on the street everyday or leave quickly. preaching conservative values and preaching morale values while selling everyone to capitalism, does anyone smell hypocrisy or is this normal. All the best to the turkish people who go on the street to support free choice for everyone and fight against opression of a depraved goverment preaching morale values to mask their hidden agenda of just making themselves richer, just like every western goverment.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

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    • Eneya dedi ki:

      I am in a group in FB right about now about this? It is not blocked (yet?).

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      If you can’t access Facebook and Twitter it’s because Turkish communications companies are blocking it.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        most people here are misled or deluded about the facts about gezi parki thing: not a single people died during the protests, some protesters are injured but not fatal, no blocking of internet or facebook or twitter exists. some try to paint a dictatorship rule in Turkey but in reality it is only about a government that doesn’t know how to respond to criticism and protests; nothing more. No Tahrir comes out of Taksim (it is a dream of leftist extremes wanting to topple a freely elected government). When the Prime Minister cools down and understands that he has to back down on certain decisions, everything will be quiet. What the world doesn’t know is that Turkey has suffered a lot in the hands of leftist militant protesters that act violent, throw rocks and stones at the police, damage all properties on their way. These militants have to quit or the peaceful protest in Turkey will be a dream.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Here is the link for the Occupy Gezi page https://www.facebook.com/OccupyGezi

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      türkiyedeki üniversiteliler cok komik kendilerini bi üstün görüp yeni cag olarak türkiyeyi degistirmek istiyorlar..cogular daha dogru bi is yerinde calismamis ve dahada ailelerin parasini yigerekden hayatlarini gecindiriyorlar vay sizin ekonomi anlayasinizdan!.. siz hayat ne hic haberiniz yok hic biseyden haberiniz yok…eger okadar dünyaya ve yesilliklere deger veriyorsaniz niye cöpünüzü ev kenarina atiyorsunuz? niye cöpünüzü ayirmiyorsunuz…niye araba sayinizi azaltmiyorsunuz? niye okadar taxi otobüs kullaniyorsunuz?? ha tabi is kendisine gelirse kimse eksik yasamak istemez. ben kendim almanyadan geliyorum ve tek size gülüyorum..o kadar devrimler yasamis türkiye ve siz dahalen bi kac yürüslerle bisey degistirebileceginizi sanetiorsunuz.burda almanyda sizin gibi herkez sokaga atmiyorlar en iyi olani yolluolar politikaya ha bide ic cekismeler oldugunda her parti el elle oluo ama siz bunu basaramiyorsunuz chp mhp politikadan baska polemik yapmasini biliyor!! akp sayesinde türkiyenin ekonomisi almanyayi gecmek üzeri ve siz dahalen yagara yapiyorsunuz.kimse sizin arkanizda degil eger siz devrimin yüzünden hapislere yatsaniz ingiltere fransa gelipde sizi kurtarmaz! lütfen artik bu cahilikliye son verin & herkez kendisni bir numara politikaci olarak ortaya atmassin…sizden yurtdisinda yasayan türk olarak cok utaniyorum kendi ülkenizi dis ülkelere böyle yansitmanisi cok ayipliyorum!!!!!!!

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        En azından Almanlar’dan sokağa çöp atmamayı öğrenebilmişsin. Öküz gidip yüzde yüz öküz kalanlar da var dışına kafanızı uzatmadığınız mahallelerinizde.

      • Hem olayı kavrayamamışsın, hem burada değilsin, hem de yandaşsın, sorsam gurbet gurbet dersin, gel desek gelmezsin, bilmem hatırlar mısın ama “Davulun sesi uzaktan hoş gelir” diye, senin ki de o misal, oraya giden herkesi üniversiteli öğrenci sanıyorsun, adam akıllı bakmamışsın, bakdıysan da görmemişsin veya görmek istememişsin, hayatta adım atmaya korkmak sende Türkiye’den kalan tek yadigar ki, “eger siz devrimin yüzünden hapislere yatsaniz ingiltere fransa gelipde sizi kurtarmaz!” diyorsun, bu insanların buna ihtiyacı yok emin ol ve de son olarak bu kadar utanıyorsan gittiğin yerde kal, doyduğun yeri memleket bil ve buraya müdahele etme, çok etmek istersen de biraz oku ve biraz daha geniş bakmayı öğren…

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Bende almanyadan geliyorum ve arada bir fark daha var. Burda 1000 kisi toplanirsa biber gazi ile dagitilmaz. Cünkü bunu yapmakta insanlar özgür. Ve haberlerde de olayi görürdük. Fark burada. Ve bil ki, konu ne cöp ne agac.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I condemn your post. Shame on you.

      • The same things were said about the United States protestors during “Occupy Wallstreet”. Don’t listen to such things. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right, and those people who aren’t affected by the same troubles as you (and are inconvenienced by nothing but people talking about the changes needed) tend to yell for no reason. They have absolutely no idea what it means to have values that aren’t worn on your sleeve. These people think that they will one day be a part of the money that goes with the corruption you make a stand against, and because of this, will do whatever they can to continue the status quo. It’s disgusting, sickening, and I cannot fathom how such ridiculous people still exist in modern society.

        I stand with your protesters in Turkey. I stand in solidarity from the United States, and stand against people like the person I’m responding to.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        o kadar beğeniyorsanız yaşadığımız şartları darısı başınıza….

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        sen almanyada oturmaya devam etsene !!!!Hatta hata yapip benim guzle dilimi konusma bile….Sen o kucumsedigin universite ogrencilerinin tirnagi olamazsin birak TURK te olamazsin !!!!!

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        You are so misinformed and misguided. Please do not take all of your news from the Turkish media and from official “tarikat” sources. Learning to think critically is an essential part of education, rather than being brainwashed into “this is good” and “that is bad”, just because they were written in a book and re-interpreted for you by an “expert”.

      • Anonim dedi ki:


      • Erkin Buyukoglu dedi ki:

        Klasik…. arka tarafından haberi olmadan hariçten gazel okumaya çalışan bir salak daha!!!!

      • Hulya Ozturk dedi ki:


      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Senin hayat anlayışın bu işte bu sığ kafayla koyun gibi yaşamaya devam et

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Kardeşim, sen önce bir düzgün Türkçe konuşmasını öğren de ondan sonra konuşalım. Herhalde o yüzden ne duyduğundan, ne gördüğünden, ne de okuduğundan hiç birşey anlamamışsın. Belki de bunların hiçbirini yapmamış olduğundan mıdır acaba ? Yoksa daha da vahimi hala AKP’yi savunabiliyorsan ya sağırsın, ya körsün demem icap edecek.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Almanyadaki sahsiyetsiz kisi!! Hangi ulke polisi gosteri yapan insanlari kamu malina veya insanlara zarar vermedikce olduresiye dover? veya suratina tear gas atip eglenir? Medeniyet dedigin ozgurce dusunceleri soyleyebilmektir. Almanyada etrafa zarar vermeden yuruyus yapan gostericileri nazaman polis bu sekilde dovdu veya yaraladi ? bende Londra da yasiyorum ama hic boyle birsey gormedim. Buradaki yuruyuste polis onderlik yapip insanlara yardimci oldu gosterisini yapsin diye trafigi durdurdu. Turkyedeki bu kadar eziyet ceken ama yilmayan hakkini herseye ragmen arayan insanlari ayakta butun dunya alkislamasi gerekir. KENDINDEN DE UTANMALISIN. Universite ogrencisi deyip kucumsedigin insan egitim alan kendini gelistirmeye calisan ve icindeki sistemi sorgulayan ozgurlugunu arayan insandir. Senin gibi almanyada kebab, lahmacun veya temizlik yaparak akam kesmiyor..

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Türkçe öğrenememişsin daha ‘cahillik’ten bahsediyorsun daha doğrusu bahsetmeye çalışıyorsun ama doğru yazılışını öğrenememişsin. Türkiye’de yaşamayı başaramamış ve Türkçe öğrenememiş bir insan olarak Türkiye ile ilgili yorum yapma hakkın olup olmadığını bir daha gözden geçirmeni tavsiye ederim.

      • Eger kendine cok güveniyor ve bu kadar bilgili oldugunu idda ediyorsan öncelikle türkceyi dogru kullan ve ondan sonra da ismini acikla ve yorum yap!!! Asil senin gibi cahillerin yüzünden bilgisizliginizden dolayi, takilmissiniz Tayyipin pesine gidiyorsunuz. Ama nereye gidiyorsun ki, TC diye birsey kalmadi ülke satildi haberiniz yok. Bende yurt disinda yasayan bir vatandas olarak, bir CUMHURIYETCI OLARAK seni ve senin gibilerin tamamiyle TÜRKLÜGÜ agzina bile almmamasini diliyorum. Cünkü hakikati göremiycek kadar gözleriniz boyatilmis ve kör olmus yazik ki!!!!

        Nuray Sözüer Schmitt

      • ORHAN TOSUN dedi ki:


      • Anonim dedi ki:

        You are in idiot! Go f*** yourself!!!

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        almanya’da çöpçülüğü de kimlere yaptırdıklarını da biliyorsundur sen o zaman

      • anonymous dedi ki:

        “akp sayesinde türkiyenin ekonomisi almanyayi gecmek üzere”, cok buyuk bir hayal aleminde yasiyorsun dostum, ordam bakinca boyle gorunuyor olmasi da enteresan herseyin, gel de burdan bak bi de. ha bi de git kendine bi okul bul da oku, kiskanma okuyan, cabalayanlari. arti almanya’daki turklerin de nasi devlet parasi yedigini hepimiz biliyoruz. once kendinize bi ceki duzen verin siz orda..

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Olayı kavramak için, bir yerleri yakıp, ülkenin itibarını mı karalamamız mı gerekiyor ? Sen Demir Yasin ORUÇ yandaş değil misin birilerine ? Subjektif ol. Yanan yerde ateşin boyu ölçülmez! Bir çık dışarı da gör manzarayı..

    • jeball53@aol.com dedi ki:

      This is not about “capitalism”, it is all about BIG Government and chronieism. If politicians did not sell us out, it probably wouldn’t happen, but the government sold the park out. You cannot buy it if it is not for sale.

      • Vincent dedi ki:

        They wouldn’t sell you out if you don’t elect them. I refuse to vote, because I know exactly what the voting system is—- a popularity contest of liars that simply take on the role of puppet to those who buy them. There can’t be honest politicians (if you can’t be bought, you’re killed.)

      • Skuba dedi ki:

        We need a new system.That’s all.”Democracy” is a state,and all I can see is “Corruption and Greed”.Fight for your rights,or the politics devour you.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Brilliant writing. Thank you for this precious information. I support you.

  2. Alison Burgers dedi ki:

    I dont know about the importance of the park you are trying to protect so i wont comment about that but what i will comment on however is the way the “acclaimed laws” are being stressed. I believe the laws especially of sale of alcohol and ban of kissing in public are very wonderful laws set to protect our growing youth!! We want a set of rightly guided and disciplined youth to be future leaders not a set of barbaric drunkards who behave like animals (males and females) on the street.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      you don’t need LAWS for that, this is what families should do at home with their kids! no government should interfere like that in people’s lives! the government is supposed to make people’s lives better and easier, not put them in jail for kissing in public!

    • Simay dedi ki:

      Dear Alison,
      You seem to be well informed, if you have heard about the ” kissing in public” issues in Turkey. Then you should also know that the amount of alcohol used in turkey is around 0.7 l, compared to 15-18 l per annum in the western world. Turks traditionally enjoy their alcohol with their meals, so when we get slightly tipsy enjoying cheerfull conversations around a table with our friends and family, we don’t act like barbaric drunken people. Majority of Turkish people have this kind of a drinking culture, which is very different compared to the scenes you for example see in Britain, where the youth drink to get drunk! I think I started drinking beers and similar alcohols when I was 16, with my family and do not have a single case of getting totally drunk not knowing what I do or acting violent.
      If you want to have rightly guided future leaders, you educate your youngsters, you educate them so that they can think for themselves, respect other people’s opinions and behave accordingly. You teach them your cultural values, therefore you also hardly ever will see an excessive behaviour of affection on the streets in public in Turkey. Of course if you are of the opinion that an innocent kiss in public, between two people who love each other is unacceptable, then I have no words for this but just for your information the announcement which was made at the metro station in Ankara and let to kissing protests was against 2 young people who were holding hands!
      I personally feel happy, when I see young people in love, this never disturbes me. I think how lucky they are to be in love. We need more love in this world and less intolerance!
      People who are on the street protesting and trying to make their voices heard at the moment are people from all backgrounds, Turks, Kurds, secular elites, women with headscarves representing different ideologies. All they want is now freedom of speech and an end to this ” I do whatever I damn want” style dictatorship.
      The prime minister was laughing yesterday at his speech, totally ignoring what people were trying to say and saying ” what do THEY want” !!! How can a prime minister of a country refer to his own people as “THEM”. ” if they want trees, we have a lot of trees” he said. This is the kind of mentality; the prime minister is either living in a different dimension and really does not see what we all see or he still prefers to ignore thousands of people, who are so fed up, risking their health and potentially life’s, trying to be heard.
      The prime minister says, ” this is democracy and he is voted”. I won’t get into the details about how he managed to get the 50% of the votes, such as voting slips found in bins after the election process. However even if 50% of the public has really voted for him, this does not give him the right to totally ignore the rights of the other 50% of the public. Well he again does not seem to agree with me on this issue as well.
      We are talking about a prime minister who has several bank accounts abroad, who wants to protect our youth against an non existing alcoholism problem in turkey!!!!
      Please wake up world!!!
      Wish you a pleasant weekend!

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Dear Simay….

        Your reply touched me. it is beautiful to read posts like this: calm, troughtful and civilised 🙂
        I definitelly suport the people of Istanbul and Turkey and all other people who fight for same causes in this world!

        Good luck to you and to beloved Turkey!
        Ayla from Ljubljana, Slovenija

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        So many true words you spoke there it was a pleasure to read your statement much love coming to you all from the UK 🙂

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Very well said, Simay. Your clear and logical views presented here powerful and inspiring. Keep up the good work, you are making your mark on the world in a wonderful way. Best wishes and luck from Canada.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Simay thank you for your message, everything you say is true and I have absolutely nothing to add to it. All the best and good luck from the Netherlands

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Dear Simay,
        I love what you said; “We need more love in this world and less intolarance”. What more to say!! I will spread your words and I hope the Turkish goverment supporters will wake up soon. Sending my love to you all.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I read this reaction with pleasure.

        Well said!

      • Laurelm dedi ki:

        I had the pleasure of visiting Turkey several years ago. My Turkish guide pointed with pride to the advanced society that Turkey was establishing. A place where both conservative Muslims and more secular could coexist in peace. It’s a disgrace to the history of Ataturk and the Turkish people.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I think you have a good point, I agree with all the things you have said. Turkey has to stay a secular country. An exiting country where all religions and groups live in freedom of speech and with an open mind for others.
        It is a beautiful country with an interesting cultur. The prime minister has to give a voice to the 50% that did not vote for him. He has done many good thinks too and has put Turkey on the map. But not a reason to be arrogant.
        Wish you success and receive my regards.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Hi Simay, what a wonderful response, you have a beautiful country – I pray yours and every other voice who echo’s your philosophy is heard.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Türkiye’nin, halkı, bazı OPPT arkadaşlar ve ben bir tanıtım videosunu bir halk Halkın paylaşmanızı. Lütfen ve bu post sosyal medya kuruluşlarına. Teşekkür ederiz!

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        well said, Simay.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      you are a fucking idiot. plain and simple.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Give it up jerk! If you have nothing nice to say or that is not ignorant get off this blog.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Are you from another planet? Enjoying a glass of wine is being a barbaric drunkard? Showing affection or love for someone in public is behaving like an animal? Clearly it is you with the problem and therefore it is you who should be banned from being in public. Get with the times. It’s 2013 not 1813.

    • Sumwun dedi ki:

      You might be surprised to lear, that kissing is an essentially human behavior — no animals do it, because it’s a sign Human’s extraordinary tendency to engage in long, romantic relationships hold together by an emotional bound rather than in short and exlusively sexual ones as almost all animals do.
      And if you really should need laws to prevent someone from becoming a drunkard, then, I guess they aren’t extraordinarily disciplined even with these laws.

    • snuffydegauss dedi ki:

      i think turkey has more problems than ‘ barbaric drunkards ‘. the main problem is ‘ arab supremacy ‘ better known as islam.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        It sure does. But ‘arab’ supremacy is not one of them. Turks are not Arabs. Neither is Islam all about arab supremacy any more than Christianity is about AngloSaxon supremacy. Get your collectives right.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Turkey is a secular state, meaning non of it’s laws are based on islam, that doesn’t stop them from being bullshit though.

    • SAM dedi ki:

      Really, do you think stopping people kissing in public will make them wonderful leaders they will be devoid of any human emotion, no wonder you people are nuts!!!1

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      In order for the youth to be leaders, they should also be treated like adults and be free to make their own choices…Ridicolous Laws regarding alcohol and ban of kissing doesn’t belong in a democracry because they violate basic human rights…

    • Henni Hennson dedi ki:

      You can’t be serious… What is the next step of repression and constraint of personal liberty you will support? “Don’t buy at stores owned by jews”?? And who the fuck is your “we”? WE want to decide by ourselves and WE won’t accept that shit!

    • Jenny dedi ki:

      You need to live in a state then that imposes Sharia Law. Sounds like it would suit you perfectly.

      • Jenny dedi ki:

        The above paragraph was meant as a reply to Alison Burgers. I hope the Turkish Government can learn something from these protests. It is so important that Turkey remains a secular society.

    • xxx dedi ki:

      Stupid bitch, do not decide for me what’s best for me! People full of shit like you make this world worse! No wonder Turkey is full of stupid people that work for a few euros all over europe! Please be sober and clean my shit and my children’s shit when i am drunk further, ’cause that is what you do best!

      • ibos dedi ki:


      • Gencel dedi ki:

        Wow, you sound like a proper white trash. And perhaps maybe you should see your family doctor as excessive excrement can be caused by viruses (also common amongst white trash). Lastly, sign up for an AA meeting coz anyone with their right mind wouldn’t post what you have.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        You call her a bitch but at least she is educated and knows who her Parents are. But you not only are a moron that still wipes his. Arse with your hand instead of paper, religion is destroying your country and putting it back to the dark ages, Attaturk was right to turn Turkey into a secular country but could not turn monkeys into humans. Did you know that Erdogan was a Greek abortion both his parents were Greek Christians in a Greek village and supposedly converted and moved inland to save their skin, why does Erdo gets so pissed when the truth is put to him and he goes bananas . Get rid of him before he puts you back on camels.

    • Elif dedi ki:

      So you think taking away freedoms will “protect” youth? Having access to alcohol and not being shamed for showing affection in public will not turn people into barbarians. Forcing your own narrow-minded restrictions on others is the barbaric act. Turkey has huge problems with violence against women and women’s rights. Instead of banning couples from kissing, perhaps laws protecting women and ending rape culture and slut-shaming would be much more helpful.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Forcing girls not to cover themselves while they go to school wasn’t barbaric and intruding in their personal freedom, “forcing your own narrow minded restrictions on others(women)”. I have no problem if you want to live like a pig, by all means live in and eat your feces i support your freedom 100%. What i can’t stand is the double standard.

      • Stella Blue dedi ki:

        “Forcing girls not to cover themselves while they go to school wasn’t barbaric and intruding in their personal freedom.”

        Yes, it is definitely a constriction of their personal freedom! I´m a woman who doesn´t wear a headscarve but I respect women who do. People in western cultures often see the headscarve is an instrument of repressing women. But it is a change for women to elude sexism and it also belongs to their faith. If a woman decides to cover up her body and hair by choice, society should accept this!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      “sale of alcohol and ban of kissing in public are very wonderful laws”
      in what kind of society do you want your children to grow up in??? both laws are nothing but authoritarian

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        i strongly suport your stunt against this dictatory government behavior!!!! as for the Greek comment… please be an idealist but not a rasist…. don’ t forget.. in this country democrasy was born…

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        wa, I saw many “kapali women” kissing their lover on street.. what a joke!!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      its the police and government that are acting like animals

    • Markus dedi ki:

      Wow, do you really think you get this done by laws? Wouldn´t it be better to show practice and offer help?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Very sad the first part of your comment. What is the importance of a public space in a crowded city???? Or any city for that matter??? I guess you would know what it is for a New Yorker when talking about central park. Right??? Please think before you write such an ignorant statement. As for the other part of your comment… I will not engage in \

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      We (as people opposing the gov) also share your will to raise a rightly guided and disciplined youth, but banning kissing won’t do. If you knew how much worse the situation gets when a simple natural sign of love is suppressed, you’d see that we need something else.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You are misguided and unfair. Just because someone buys a bottle of beer or kisses someone on the street does not make them a “barbaris drunkard who behaves like animals”. Your generalization of human beings only displays your disgrard of the human race.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        Ok sir,can u smoke pot on the street ??? no u can’t coz that’s ilegal,does that mean that ur state is not allowing u to live ur live in freedom ???

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I do believe that gassing people with chemical weapons and shooting them in the head is a bit more UNACCEPTABLE than drinking alcohol and kissing in public. Just sayin’.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Dear Alison,

      Every youth in every country have they parents to protect them, to educate them, or to tell them how to behave. They do not need a government to set laws and tell them how to behave. People have the right to get drunk, to kiss in public or to put on whatever they want. Because that´s life and how it should be liven: drinking, kissing or going fashion or nude! That´s everyone right, as long as they do not harm anyone. A government ´s job is to protect its people from harm and comply with the right that the people have given to each government: its legitimacy and sovereignty. And if a government does not take into consideration its people´s opinion in whatever matter in relation with the Turkish society, well that government is not accountable anymore and should be changed! So before giving an opinion on something you don’t know, my suggestion is to Google before or read more and than give a better judgment or opinion.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Ok, I agree that the use of alcohol in teenagers has grown to worrying proportions, but saying that kissing on the streets is barbaric is too far off. The teenager years are the ones when you actually learn how to be as an adult, and kissing in park, for example, is part of this process and something natural. By banning things as simple as this, the so-called “rightly guided and disciplined youth”, would grow up to be brain-washed adults, living like robots, too sensitive to even the simplest things.

      Some people are way to sensible, and that’s not good in the world we live in.

      And in closing, think about the majority of the greatest minds and artists of all time… they were all considered “undisciplined and misguided”.

      I wish people in my country gathered the courage to do this; we also have serious problems when it comes to the environment and the earth’s riches.

    • forever dedi ki:

      You are kidding, right?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Hi Alison, i am shocked! “Protect growing youth”? I am happy to live in a different world than the one, you want! Not seeing kissing people, love and know about freedom makes young people aggressive, disturbed and lets them fight some human , natural feelings and whishes they have.
      This is the idea of hate and controlling peoples: Fight sexuality, fight love, fight the beauty and everything, that makes us free.

      I´m sorry, your post sucks!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      These laws will “protect our growing youth” from exactly which danger? In what way is kissing in public animalistic behavior? The “disciplined” and “rightly guided” youth you are referring to is hardly going to form future leaders. A youth deprived of freedom of expression and “disciplined” in the way you mean it will turn into an obedient mass with no critical thinking only able to FOLLOW and conform.

    • torzonborz dedi ki:

      Are you high? government have no business regulating kids behavior, other than where serious injuries or loss is involved! Parents are the ones who have to educate their kids into behaving. Why is kissing in public such a bad thing? Why do you promote hate and dictatorship, instead of affection?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Are you insane? Kissing, an act of love is bad example for children?

      Good luck in raising cold blooded leaders who don’t know what love for other human being is. That’s not leader. You want to raise tyrants like Hitler and like.

      I’m really sorry for your way of thinking. I hope god can save you.

    • Katerina dedi ki:

      These laws will “protect our growing youth” from exactly which danger? In what way is kissing in public behavior? The “disciplined” and “rightly guided” youth you are referring to is hardly going to form future leaders. A youth deprived of freedom of expression and “disciplined” in the way you mean it will turn into an obedient mass with no critical thinking only able to FOLLOW and conform.

      • Katerina dedi ki:

        These laws will “protect our growing youth” from exactly which danger? In what way is kissing in public animalistic behavior? The “disciplined” and “rightly guided” youth you are referring to is hardly going to form future leaders. A youth deprived of freedom of expression and “disciplined” in the way you mean it will turn into an obedient mass with no critical thinking only able to FOLLOW and conform.

    • Sky dedi ki:

      Protect?! It is adults they are talking about. Adults can make their own decisions and don’t need any dictators to ‘take care’ of them! The barbarian is the authoritarian government and the violent police! DOWN WITH FASCISM!!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Look at Iran, they have what you say and the state of their country. Forcing people only makes them to feed on hate and come back 100 times stronger than what was needed. To tell people how to live is only done by those who live differently themselves.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Thats a stupid thing to say. You should stop watching fox news.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Ban kissing in Public?What are you?An alien?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      kissing in public is a wonderful law?! so you tell your kids love sucks. should they better beat each other up… And I don’t know where you live, but where I come from, love, and intimacy are normal and welcome…

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I enter to this forum to laugh,it so funny to read replies from different people

    • hgbjgu dedi ki:

      wait a sec… this is for real?, Alison what can I say…… Your thinking is bullshit, so please make us a favour and shut up….. THANK YOU

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      What is wrong with you? You are not protecting the growing youth by forbidding them to kiss on the street! This will still be happening, but in the dark where people can’t see it, and there will be a change that kisses can turn violent, and things like these just makes young people lie about this to their parents. This is about freedom in our country, human rights if I may say so! You should be allowed to kiss whoever you want – and to this topic – WRITE whatever you want! The human right of free speech NEEDS to be uphold in Turkey!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      As if banning alcohol can protect the “growing youth”. It’s supposed to be a democratic country so if anyone wants to drink alcohol and kiss in public they should. The growing youth are more endangered by the existence of these stupid laws which might trick them into thinking that the gouvernment can do anything… well they can’t.
      I happen to love kissing and drinking and yet I’m no drunkard, I’m still the same good student with top marks and lots of diplomas because these two don’t define me, nor my academical results. Showing affection(even in public) and the love for alcohol are two characteristics of the people in my country.
      Dear Alison Burgers, if you have something against alcohol and kissing in public don’t to any of them, but it is my choice and anyone else’s whether we do them and no law should deny me or anyone any of that. Where I come from, people who can’t handle alcholo/can’t drink properly or never show their affection in public are greatly disregarded and this isn’t something new, it’s a belief of thousands years old that worked well for us.

      I send all my support and admiration to the writer of this article and to the people who were there. Though we might be separated by distance, religion and culture, they do set an example for all of us. We should always fight for our rights and never give in.

    • Shishi dedi ki:

      Alison cant you go back in time to 1939 Germany? If you dont have to comment on the argument of talking DONT COMMENT AT ALL… That’s propaganda you’re making and from your words is clear you are paid for it from government association…

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Very wonderful laws to protect the growing youth? To protect us from what? From getting free? From showing the love we feel for life, by kissing us and by smiling? I can understand that alcohol ban can be in a certain way a good law, but talk about protection! There is no such thing as protection in freedom!!

    • mdfarrelly dedi ki:

      Freedom allows people to make their own choices it may just be a park to one person but obviously it’s more to many others and not just about a park being destroyed, this is important in respect to the whole alcohol and kissing in public laws too, not important to a few but important to so many others. I’m not sure how crushing a multi-cultured countries choices will solve the “barbaric animals on the street” situation. It seems by doing exactly this is the reason we now have people acting in barbaric fashion one the streets standing up for their freedom, rights and beliefs . The decision makers who are ignoring the country’s voices are the barbarians in this and many cases globally, all they are really bringing to the table is…….ignorance,tear gas, water cannons, and acts of public violence, which is all being provided by the very people who are supposed to uphold laws and order for the greater good of the people…… Food for thought.

    • Murat Avcı dedi ki:

      You short minded idiot, where in the world that has been proved that the youth who drinks and kisses freely will behave like animals. But of course it is possible idiots like you may turn to animals, after doing those nice things that you do not carry in genetics.

    • Yalcin dedi ki:

      Are you kidding me? You or no one else has no right of control action of anyone else’s liberty especially in public. These laws that you support impingine on these rights. These actions dont go out of their way to harm you. You just dont like them so you are saying riddiculous things to protect your pitiful fears. I really do pitty people like you. I like you do wish for greater support of the youth so they can achieve their full potential. But you dont do this by banning things like they are children. Everyone should be liable for their own actions and the respect of these values so be expressed through positive role models not through archic black and white laws that stiffles identity and expression.

    • Riza dedi ki:

      are you really sober?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      if you do not know the importance of the park or have refused to inform yourself about the central issues behind this protest then you have no right to make such an ignorant response, (in your world) but we appreciate free speech and your reply is important to highlight just how blind some people are, these people are fighting for a world that even your children can live in together as a human race with rights of equality, ‘your rightly guided’ future leaders im sure will be the same people kicking women in the face and making them cover their faces and stay at home and cook there dinner and shut up, i hope there is a future where we can tolerate people like ‘you’ but if we continue to let people like you make vital decisions in our life we will not be allowed to live on this planet and so we fight until your ‘Future leaders’ learn that they can no longer bully and beat and rape this world and its women. You my dear and your ‘Future leaders’ are the barbaric drunkards who behave like animals to their own people to their own wives and children, god help us for the twisted world you envision. These people fight for freedom from a world imprisoned by your stupidity go back to your bible or koran and look for some comforting phrase to chant to your children so their minds are muddied by your bullshit

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I never will understand why fools such as you have no problem taking away the freedom of others. The simple answer it seems though is that theses actions support your religious beliefs.

    • Umad dedi ki:

      I drink alcohol and am not a drunkard or whatever you call it. People who kiss in public are not bad future leaders. You should be more concerned with pedophiles who don’t kiss kids in public.

    • Jushi dedi ki:

      Then you are part of the problem and you will fail.

    • I live in Australia an I support the protestors in and around Istanbul. The new regulations about alcohol sale and consumption are no different to the western world. We have non- alcohol family friendly zones nearly everywhere here n australia. We have regulations on who and where alcohol can be sold for instance you cant just go to a maket and grab bottle of wine off the shelf. The regulations are actually quite needed. We need to protect our children and that is the main these are in place. What the actual problem is and why there is such a strong reaction from drinkers and non-drinkers is, when Erdogan announces certain subjects such as alcohol he does it in a a way to stir problems. I dont believe its just a character issue with him. I believe he does this to provoke the people. I can not comprehend the reason behind it as i cannot comprehend the reason why he is just and watching the events unfold. I gues only time will tell…

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      This is not the way to do it. Respectful and civilised guidance, not violent indiscriminate attacking of its citizens.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Considering you are using am hidden alias of a dictator in a recent movie I am not quite sure if you are trolling or just ignorant.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I am shocked at the ignorance that still remains in other countries. I am very sorry for you.

    • Luise dedi ki:

      So kissing on the street means behaving like animals? Whatever, I think you don’t see the point. The ways peaceful protesters are treated there are more than cruel. Expressing your opinion (in a legal and legitimate way) cannot be punished that hard, I mean, people died just because of their opinion! Thats not acceptable in any way, so what do you want?!

    • Florian B dedi ki:

      You read the whole Article and this is your Response?!

      You must be joking! You are ridicolous!

      Spread the word!

    • Nil dedi ki:

      This is not just about the park. This is about a nation where freedom of expression is banned. This is about people are being silenced, people are pushed to accept laws and regulations that they did not give any consent for. This is about a government of a state where its foundations lays on secularism and democracy misusing democracy, misusing its power through its terrorists (aka police). People like you Alison are the real animals, because what makes us human is that we use our brains, we reason things. I see that you don’t. So you even being able to write such a comment makes me feel that you have no idea about Turkish politics and what’s happening there but still you try to enforce your idiotic mental masturbation.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      God help us from idiot people such as you, “Alison Burgers”

    • juiced dedi ki:

      Fuck you.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I agree!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Well, kissing i a wonderful thing, it shows love, it hurts no one. why should children be “protected” from that? do children need to be protected from love?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Im hoping this is a troll! If not here is my answer, the acclaimed laws dont stop people from being drunk barbarians neither do they make them intelligent respectful human beings. However your comment suggests it does.Education and only education makes the best out of people. And the government that you are defending, even arrests those who try to protest for free education!! In short, gtfo & stfu!

    • Tim dedi ki:

      You obviously missed the point.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      So kissing a person in public is a display of barbarism, not spraying your ‘growing youth’ with gas and running them over with tanks for having the temerity to peacefully protest? We are NOT your property, your servile dogs, some mindless drones who you can mold into what YOU and YOUR ideology demands. Our lives and freedom DO NOT fall into the scope of what you want. HANDS OFF

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        No one should be making laws to dictate etiquette. I applaud your comment.

    • Mustafa Kemal Atabey dedi ki:

      Park is not important for now. It was just symbol of resistance, AKP government has already taken a lot of trees before and will cut millions for 3rd bridge already. The point is the limitation of human right, limitation of speech freedom and pushing life style. In democrasy YOU CANNOT PUSH YOUR LIFESTYLE TO ANYBODY, even to your own child. You can raise your children however you want but our youth will be FREE, our FUTURE LEADERS will be FREE. Drinking is not barbaric, Dictatorship is barbaric, you mAY understand what I say maybe our lifestyle would be pushed on you, but we are democrats and for us you are still a human being, you have right as much as we do, NOT more NOT less! Cheers!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I guess you would also like your daughter to be forced to cover up and follow her husband from 3 steps behind along with his other 3 wives.

    • Andreas dedi ki:

      Alison I believe you are the person Mark Twain had in mind when he said “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

      If you have no clue then best not comment. The “acclaimed laws” as you put it has nothing to do with this. The park has nothing to do with this, the ruling parties response to a peaceful protest triggered what has been more than a decade in the making. As for drinking and kissing in public, freedom to do as you please is a basic human right. If you wish to live in a country that prohibits alcohol (which worked so well in the US during prohibition) and public displays of effection ( which are frowned upon but showing body parts blown up is okay) then you might want to move to an arab country for a few years. You sound like a person who would love their non-barbaric lifestyle.

    • Aybilge dedi ki:

      Dear Alison,
      Alcohol or lip sticks are not only reasons, why those guys, we are standing for! This government had been involved lots of unnecessary things. Erdogan guaranteed 2050 and (underneath) he claimed himself as a emperor of new Ottoman! We lived this, we had been living this. And we don’t want any emperor, we don’t want sharia, we don’t want corruption, we don’t want a liar prime minister. I wish you knew Turkish, that I could if share with you some videos of him!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Lol whats wrong with you…

    • amira mira dedi ki:

      I do not think people all over europe and america are “barbaric drunkards who behave like animals (males and females) on the street.” but just as an exemple, in egypt, where I live, it is forbidden to young people to show any signs of love in the street and also forbidden to drink in most of the places so people are just frustrated and they do all these things on the back of their parents or of the society in a way worse way. It is not like this that you will have “rightly guided and disciplined youth to be future leaders”. sorry for my english, but i am sure you understand my point.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You are ignorance let people kiss in public is wrong ??? The Islamic people are trying to kill all the love in world, the begins with your children. Make Love not war.

    • anttivaatainen dedi ki:

      “I believe the laws especially of sale of alcohol and ban of kissing in public are very wonderful laws set to protect our growing youth!!”

      Do you seriously think that kissing in the public is somehow bad thing to do? Why cant you show your love to your significant other?

      I may agree that some people behave badly when they have taken too much alcohol, but i am agians regulating it. Every person should have freedom to choose his own poison – there is no power – mans or gods that should prohibit invidual from treating hes body as he wants.

    • jabba dedi ki:

      yeah, ban love. That really is a wonderful idea.

    • Mike dedi ki:

      Is this a joke? Discipline doesn’t come with prohibition. Only people living in freedom know what is best for themselves and other people.

    • Jason Dawson dedi ki:

      There is nothing wrong with alcohol (ideally in moderation) and there is nothing wrong with kissing in public. There is no reason why people should behave like “barbaric drunkards who behave like animals” simply because they are allowed to drink alcohol and kiss their spouse/partner or whatever. Civilised people do not need that level of contol over them by the state.

      • AYnur dedi ki:

        It is wonderful when people like you can look at it so objectively…. this is a gross exaggeration.

      • lovingtheair dedi ki:

        It begins with a kiss and ends up with having Sex and maybe children doing this and becoming father and mother!!! What a shame! So it’s good not to allow these Private things .. they can do whatever they want if they are alone but not in front of children, Same with alcohol!!! Muslims are very polite people and know the word “shame”.

      • Muslims do know the word shame. They shame their women for being raped. And they politely use women and children as suicide bombers.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      oh my god you’re so sick! People are gathering to protect a public place against the exploitation of their city and you are complaining about the way they criticize some liberticide laws! That’s not the point: conservative governments close our eyes with minor issues and shot down media just to let you misunderstand the situation. The real point is that citizens are not worthy for this governments! They just worry about gaining profict and do what is better for corporations. In the name of consumism they destroy collective goods and step on human rights. Capitalism has no mercy and these days we are facing with that.
      sorry for my english

      • Dr. JD Smith dedi ki:

        As is so often the case, you confuse capitalism with fascism. This serves the tyrants. Capitalism has produced more wealth, more freedom and more dignity than any other economic or political system in humanity’s history. Fascism, Communism, and statism in any of its myriad manifistations is institutionalized force. Capitalism is individual freedom. It’s about your choice to do with what you produce, whatever YOU choose. Don’t apologize for your English. You do well.

      • fakeraol dedi ki:

        “Capitalism has produced more wealth, more freedom and more dignity …”
        Count the people on this (whole) world, wo live free, in wealth, and dignity, aus you said, “Doctor”.
        “Capitalism” produces poverty, diseases, misery, WAR and DEAD for the 99% of the people on this world, to make the 1% that that rich, they have no chance, to spread the money back to the worlb by shopping, even if the would.

        The wealth is not produced by “the capitalism”, but by the hands of the workers all over this world. And it is stolen by the rich.

        You sound, like the brother of alison burger.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      seriously…this is bullshit!

      just because some cannot control themselves when it comes to consuming alcohol doesn’t mean that the state should have the power or any right to restrict the whole lot of us to consume it…unless there is so much crime and violence because of it, which clearly is not the case! if you start to forbid things, they get even more interesting…i mean, everybody knows that, right? i’m not saying that everything should be allowed and ppl should make their own experiences with stuff though…don’t get me wrong! i know it is forbidden to consume alcohol when you come with religous arguments, but those aren’t convincing arguments to me…you can live by them but modern society shouldn’t use them as guidelines for modern laws…at least in my opinion!

      and the thing about kissing….it’s not like ppl are having sex on the streets or somethin’! people show their affection to each other by kissing…this has always been the way they did it! why do u want to ban it now? as i just said: they use religion as a guideline for making laws, which is obsolete for modern societies…

      children do not grow up to be barbaric because they drink beer or kiss on the streets! it is because parents and society show them moral values how to behave! drinking a beer or two or kissing their significant other doesn’t change the teaching they should have learned from their family and friends!

      i don’t want to start a sh!tstorm or something like that…this is just my opinion on your comment ^^

      have a nice day dear sir or madam 🙂

    • Monkeymen Int dedi ki:

      yeah ! kissing in public…very bad thing…did someone shit in your brain ?

    • elif dedi ki:

      wow, your faith in youth is immaculate! if you where a busy bee in your younger days, don`t blame other generations for your own misbehaviour. you do not sound disciplined, you sound frustrated.

    • Your mom screams a lot dedi ki:

      go fuck yourself !

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      teach your kids not to kiss and not to drink
      dont force your views on others

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      ban of kissing in public is tyranny. awful. shame on you

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I apologize if you have no control over your own human bodily functions and emotions, but that is something you should have learned very young in life, and would keep you away from being a “barbaric drunkard”. It takes education not assuming people can’t control themselves, because you yourself cannot.

    • Marlene Rennie dedi ki:

      so you think that kissing in public (showing love for one’s child, sister, brother, mother or Father will protect your youth??? you need to get a life !!!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Are you saying that any country who allows alcohol is full of “barbaric drunkards who behave like animals”??? You have got to be kidding me! That’s not even an argument to explain any of what has been happening! It is exactly that “well-guided and disciplined youth” that Fascists and Conservatives are going for, isn’t it?? It isn’t about the park and it isn’t about the law amendments!!! It is about basic human rights, about freedom of speech, media censorship, and the future of the people!! We have had enough! Our founding fathers worked for a secular and democratic republic, not for greedy sociopaths like the PM who would sell his own mother, if it meant that he could create his own empire! I don’t even understand if you read the article in its entirety or if you are just ignorant..

    • T.C. dedi ki:

      Are you saying that any country who allows alcohol is full of “barbaric drunkards who behave like animals”??? You have got to be kidding me! That’s not even an argument to explain any of what has been happening! It is exactly that “well-guided and disciplined youth” that Fascists and Conservatives are going for, isn’t it?? It isn’t about the park and it isn’t about the law amendments!!! It is about basic human rights, about freedom of speech, media censorship, and the future of the people!! We have had enough! Our founding fathers worked for a secular and democratic republic, not for greedy sociopaths like the PM who would sell his own mother, if it meant that he could create his own empire! I don’t even understand if you read the article in its entirety or if you are just ignorant..

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Kissing is not barbaric or “animalistic” children do not need protection from reality.. They need guidance on how to deal with reality… Smarten Up!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You’re a bit out of the present world common sense and freedom humanity and also a bit out of your mind, sweety

    • Fredy Vergara dedi ki:

      Shall we behave as some kind of cyborg?

    • tranzmitta dedi ki:

      this reaction disgusts me to the bone. really? barbaric behaviour? kissing? drinking?
      how about you answer this one, alison burger, who’s the barbarian now?

    • Kris Neufeld dedi ki:

      This is not meant to be done by laws but by parents and raising your kids right!
      Implementing laws like decreasing the sale of alcohol will bring up a bigger alcohol black market and it will rather work in the opposite way.
      Get your ideas straight and don’t just start rudely complaining about too much liberty!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You can’t rely on the government to raise your children the “right way”. If you do not want your kids to be “barbaric drunkards who behave like animals”, you should pay more attention to their upbringing. It is you who is showing what good manners are to them, not the government.

    • Emanuel dedi ki:

      “We want a set of rightly guided and disciplined youth to be future leaders not a set of barbaric drunkards who behave like animals (males and females) on the street.”

      I’m sorry you think so lowly of humanity my friend.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      What are you talking about?

    • Kissing? You mean basic human affection? That’s behaving like animals? Wow.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Why is your name Alison Burgers ? hmmm i think you are a goverment friendly turkish citizen.. And you cant get any approval in this platform . Go to your house and lock yourself inside. Because Turkish Youth finally woke up and they are going to resist no matter how ! IF YOU WANT TO SEE POLICE FORCE AGAINST CIVILLIANS ; FOLLOW TWITTER #occupygezi

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Kissing is animal behavior!!!! Good to know

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I’m so sorry for you Alison

    • china dedi ki:

      an opinion like yours in the only thing barbaric besides a government that sets laws like this.

    • Anonim dedi ki:


    • Vancouver BC Canada dedi ki:

      Laws are not the effective way of promoting or protecting values. When you use such force to instill values you are creating a rebelious environment and your values will be seen as repression. Values are personal and need to be taught not forced onto people.

    • Anonym dedi ki:

      I am an European citizen. I cannot find words to tell you how I felt by reading your reply here, to such a written manifest. I am chocked by how deep the values and these type of laws demanded by your government are manipulating the basic notions to be free human being in this world. Your stated opinion is so convinced of its validity, as “the way it should be” that it truly scares me, as a young woman, portuguese citizen. Manifests like the one happening right now in your city, will never be enough effective as long as there will be people proud to claim and support such laws. I believe its tremendous beliefs will only be recognized as squared and awry beliefs when you look outside of the box, globally, to a human co-existence. Ban of kissing in public or restrictions on alcohol consumption at the level your country takes, are such laws that I cannot understand and are unbearable to cope with a free living model, and no religion or politic system as the right to manipulate a native free thinking. I truly hope you will have the self-power to reflect on the nature of the “wonderful” laws your are standing for.

    • Félix dedi ki:

      You are a pathetic moron. Fuck off from our planet please. Peace, Love and Freedom to my Syrian brothers and sisters. Fully supporting from Canada. Will spread blog widely today !!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Ms. Burgers: You clearly missed the whole objective of this post, but you score top marks for ignorance, you fucking cretin.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      really kissing in public seems bad to you? crap, who knew virgins could be that angry at the world, go get laid and you will change your mind 😉 life is supposed to be enjoyed, let people be free of doing what they want.

    • Jaxk dedi ki:

      Alison, we Americans tried making alcohol illegal many years ago. It only created an illegal industry, & with it a terrible increase in crime & violence. Do your leaders abstain from drinking as well, or do they have a special set of rules for themselves? The way to raise disciplined children is leading by example, & holding them accountable for poor behavior. Moreover, this fight is not simply about a park, or a few trees. It is about maintaining a life that has meaning beyond profit & industry, a place where people can be free to enjoy life without bowing to the yoke of corporate power.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      My english is not so good for writing, so I tell you just one little thing … I am a witch, and I curse you for your hatespeech. You will feel the same way you speak for the rest of your life and be sufferd.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        When the people who are supposedly leaders sell their country’s resources and betray the wishes of their fellow countrymen, it sets a much worse example to the youth of today than kissing in public or taking an alcoholic drink! Parents, relatives,and friends should set a good example and promote responsible drinking and displays of affection. This is how we model acceptable social behavior. However, when the people in power sell out to the corporations, it only promotes greed and models the saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      • maria dedi ki:

        Guys, this is an article treating a very serious problem and you’re fighting over kissing in public and other random stuff that has no place here. Just stop it already and fight somewhere else.

      • shadowspring dedi ki:

        I don’t beleive in witches, but that IS a just curse. Just sayin’….

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        I do not agree with Alison but you are being hypocritical for cursing her for the very thing that you are fighting for…. Free speech

    • dontfeedthetrollz dedi ki:

      DON’T FEED THE TROLLS stop answering this sad guy or who/whatever posted this provocative thing.

    • Dekkard dedi ki:

      People like you is whats wrong with this world, and why these People are demonstrating!

    • Anonim dedi ki:


    • Anne Pratt dedi ki:

      Alison Burgers? As in Sasha Baron Cohen’s movie the Dictator? Too funny!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Only two people with regards to the moderation of food are sick, a glutton and an anorexic. You are an anorexic with regards to affection and alcohol, and you are very sick.

    • iamoceansroar dedi ki:

      To must be joking, right? If you then you need to go away.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You seriously think that kissing in public will make the future generation act like animals? What will make them animals is witness unnecessary violence against people for expressing their disagreement towards the way their government is running things.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You must work for the government. It’s our right to choose

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.”

      ― John Lennon

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Grow up and get sense …….for someone to express their love to someone else ……..in private or in public is a beautiful ! Don’t even bother to speak about the alcohol laws , whats more important is that you have freedom of choice ………you are an adult not a child ! Can you not think for yourself ?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      You must be kidding, madam! People were killed and you’re talking about what smart laws are those related to not selling alcohol and ban public kisses? Seriously? As serious as one can be. I feel really sorry for you.

    • Rana dedi ki:

      It is the responsibility of the parents not only to make sure their children are responsible in regard to alcohol, but also to make sure they are properly punished for being over-excessive. Having a drinking age-limit I can understand. Fine. But laws do not make disciplined citizens, it makes parents lazy and makes kids either disregard the punishment of the law or makes them fearful of the law. You want a balanced society? Buy your kid a book, not a laptop. Sit and talk about how the school day went. Have conversations with your kids about what is right and wrong. If you know so well what’s right and wrong, then teach your kids!

    • ro dedi ki:

      one can see that the troll was really good at his job, what do we learn from these hundred nonsense comments?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Go home, Alison Burgers, You’re Drunk!

    • Ulku Can dedi ki:

      Wonderful laws??!! Seriously where does it stop?? We are the Turkish people and We are saying that only We can be responsible from our bodies and who we kiss or where/when!! Turkey is not Iran,Turkey is not Saudi Arabia Turkey is Republic of Turkey and it is secular country!! We can be muslims,jews,christians,atheists or whatever We would like to believe or choose!! Don’t need or want to hear from anybody what We can or can’t do!!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      “Alison Burgers” is from the movie “The Dictator”. You have all been trolled. =(

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Dear Alison, your ignorance has gotten you into a lot of trouble. Please do not make the mistake of allowing morality to be confused with justice and freedom. You have so many freedoms you have no idea of the repression these people are fighting. I suggest you admit your lack of wisdom and experience and promise to read history and current events before ever making such a typically uninformed American comment again.

      Unfortunately, Alison, Americans are only schooled in American history, geography, and culture; this results in an entire country of people who haven’t a clue about the wonderful and terrible things that people enjoy/endure every day in the rest of the world.

      So please begin self-educating today; we know you are interested in learning because you read the article. We wish you luck and enlightenment!!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Alison burgers…? This guy is a troll, don’t comment

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      It must be a provocation

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      The government iskilling peaceful protesters and you are moralizing about kissing???!!! Well. Arent YOU apiece of work!

    • Allyn Meyers dedi ki:

      From the start your argumentation shows how insensitive you are: “I dont know about the importance of the park you are trying to protect…”. I live in whatever is left of the Brazilian rain forest and I don’t think it’s necessary to go to great lengths to explain to you what vegetation in parks mean to a concrete jungle. I suppose you know what I mean because you must be an intelligent person! Anyway, my solidarity to the brave Turkish people. Don’t give up, folks. Türkiye’nin seviyorum.

    • Emine Dilek dedi ki:

      Alison, I am from Turkey, and you would fit so wonderfully with this oppressive regime, because you have no idea what true democracy means. Alcohol ban is for everyone, not only youth, even tourists can’t have it which is hurting the tourism of Istanbul right now. And that is just one simple example. There are more journalists and military in jail than any other country in the world. You are not even understanding the situation and making silly comments. Police is brutal and torturing and beating up peaceful unarmed protestors…You are so unifnormed about the situation in the country that may be it will be wise for you to not have an opinion on this.

    • rose dedi ki:

      hi, Im devastated by the events in turkey at the moment. I believe the people have a right to protest however the excessive use by the government and police in trying to control it is unacceptable, not just turkey but anywhere in the world. As for the laws passed by government, i havent read up on it fully so forgive my lack of knowledge but the restriction of public displays of intimacy in a predominately islamic country and the regulation of alcohol laws i agree with. Anything to protect the youth. Yes it is the parents responsibility to aid the children in behaving responsibly however external support helps greatly. As a parent I can truthfully say that its very difficult to discipline children effectively, and as a muslim its the right thing for the government to do. What you do in private is your business, if your behaviour disturbs or affects the public (and it does so be honest) then its only right to regulate it. I dont follow politics so I have no idea the number if mistakes tayyip erdogan has made (lets face it no leader is perfect) but on the outset seeing how far turkey has come under his leadership its amazing, he must have done something right. I remember turkey from 15 yrs ago and it is so far advanced now compared to then. Alot of people wanted to leave turkey for overseas opportunites but now theres so much there the idea of leaving is abhorrent to them. In fact I want to go back to live there permanently, hopefully will soon enough.

    • Marianne dedi ki:

      Alison Burgers, you should then move to Afghanistan, Iran, or Saudi, so that you can be part of the society that you want. By the way, what is wrong with people loving each other?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Why don’t come and live in Iran or go to Saudi, Pakistan or any other country with a Cannibalistic Islamic regime – whichever suits you best .
      Oh by the way,Taliban’s Afghanistan fits you very well, if you could turn back time ( what all religious people dream of, turning back time)!

    • mk dedi ki:

      “Alison Burgers”, your satire is ill-timed and too opaque … Sascha Cohen you’re not.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      This is the start of an extremist Islamist push to restrict the rights of people. Better vote this government out while you still can.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      i totaly agree with you Alison Burgers.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Just to give a great example about fantastic leaders which are neither barbaric drunkards nor behaved like animals.
      Did you know that Hitler didnt drink alcohol and also was never seen in public with a woman?

    • Abeer dedi ki:

      Dear Alison, I totally agree with you , parents nowadays could use a helping hand raising their children. And to all of you crying Freedom, you should remember that :FREEDOM SHOULD BE LIMITED IN ORDER TO BE POSSESSED . Thank you

    • helin dedi ki:

      alison no one should have the right to decide whether or not you have the to drink alcohol or kiss in public. shouldn’t we focus on educating children to give them the power to make the right choices?

    • Eneya dedi ki:

      Clearly… kissing in public is THE main issue any country has, because people showing affection is so, so horrible. A question. Can a parent kiss their child? Or can a sister, hug her brother and kiss him on the cheek? What about married people? How about friends? Who will decide?

    • ORHAN TOSUN dedi ki:



    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Dear Alison,
      You have some waking up to do! Have you been hypnotised?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Alison Burgers.

      Successfully trolling you all since Wadiya.

    • anonymous dedi ki:

      ahaha 🙂 hilarous, neden komedyen olmuyorsun sen?

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I am sorry the world is ignorant of what is happening. I will reblog.

  4. Reblogged this on rigzenchomo and commented:
    I got this blog from La Vie Et La Danse. I was shocked and saddened to read it and think others should be aware of what is happening in Turkey.

  5. caner dedi ki:

    Sahiden arkadasiniz yogun bakimda mi? Gecmis olsun

  6. Johnny Ojanpera dedi ki:

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  7. ziad dedi ki:

    and yet Ardogan , and his government are attacking the Syrian president, helping the Terrorist rebels, and arming them, and demanding the Syrian president to step down, and to respect human rights, although the Syrian government is fighting ARMED terrorist rebels, why he don’t practice what he preaches ???????????????

  8. James dedi ki:

    Thank you for writing this. I’ve been paying attention to the government’s escalating violence over the past few days. Seeing the beautiful city I knew only 3 years ago like this is shocking. The pictures are heart breaking. I will do what I can to tell people what is happening.

  9. Anonim dedi ki:

    There is another action that can be made IF the protests fails. This volume of people have economic power. Find out who the big store sponsors of the mall is and organize a boycott of those stores. Nothing hurts more then an empty mall, and next time, maybe, just maybe they will ask if anyone want a mall to be built.

  10. Suzanne dedi ki:

    Incredible. I am reblogging this.

  11. Danny Jakubik dedi ki:

    I am an American . we to do not stand behind what our government is doing. I pray for your people and your country as well as ours and for all the people of the world who ask for real freedom !

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I am an American as well, and we do NOT stand behind what our government is doing either….this is happening all over the world and media covers ridiculous stories and natural disasters that nothing can really be done about, but never cover such stores as this in Turkey. I can happen here! It does happen here!

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      “. we to do not stand behind what our government is doing.”
      Generalizations are never appropriate. And it is wrong to compare situations and to put yourself and your country at the forefront of someone else’s tragedy. Why can’t you just send your thoughts and wishes to Turkey without bringing America into the picture. And by the way, as a citizen of the US, you should be very clear when you use “America” as there is a North and South America.

      With that said, My thoughts go out to all of those affected in Turkey.

      • Anonim dedi ki:

        The term “American” is used to properly refer to a person from the United States Of America, and “America” is mostly used to refer to that country, since there is no continent called America, the continents are called North America or South America when referring to them. (This is not necessarily true in the Spanish language, since South Americans generally do not consider the two continents to be separate, when speaking in Espanol.)

      • Canadian guy dedi ki:

        Actually, in English the proper way to refer to a person from the USA is as an “American”, and typically the singular term “America” refers to the USA because there is no continent called America, the continents are North America and South America, and when you refer to them together they are pluralized as “the Americas”. (When speaking Spanish, especially in South America, it is different because they do not recognize that the continents are separate.)

      • Allyn Meyers dedi ki:

        ” When speaking Spanish, especially in South America, it is different because they do not recognize that the continents are separate” – What an idiotic generalisation, Canadian guy! Someone might have dragged out pages of your Geography book. What about Central America? Do you still call them banana republics, or the backyard of America? Boo!

      • Canadian guy dedi ki:

        Allyn Meyers, I don’t see what you are disagreeing with. I have discussed the topic with plenty of South Americans, I assure you they overwhelmingly regard North & South America as all one continent. That’s why in Spanish they don’t normally refer to Americans as Americanos, the have another name for Americans that is essentially United-States-ians. But in English, the Americas are two continents and America means the USA.
        I don’t understand what you mean “what about Central America?” What about it? Central America is a region within North America. It’s the countries between Mexico and Columbia. What’s your point?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      How about not praying but do something that actually matters?! Prove that you religious “americans” are not just ignorant shitheads who only have two ways of dealing with international problems; pray or invade!

      • Vishka dedi ki:

        Jesus effing Christ, Danny made a simple comment in solidarity with the protestors…no need to jump down his throat and assume that all religious Americans want to invade your country.

      • enness dedi ki:

        I have literally had prayers answered too many times for anyone to tell me it doesn’t matter.

        You are angry. You want things put right. I get that. But please do not burn the whole world down, so to speak, in the process.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      What is our government doing? Doesn’t sound like us gov is involved in this.

  12. Matthias dedi ki:

    Hey there! I am a German student with many Turkish friends. I hope you will endure this protests without injuries but with great success in the end. The German people is behind you! Good luck and all the best for your movement. Take care!

  13. Wolfgang Achtner dedi ki:

    Thank you for providing this interesting information. I’m an American journalist living in Italy and I will immediately pass this on via facebook to my Italian colleagues and FB friends in Italy and the US.
    Keep us posted,
    Wolfgang Achtner

  14. Suzanne dedi ki:

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    After I read this account of what is currently happening in beautiful, magical Istanbul I had to reblog this post .

  15. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Geri bildirim: Um pedido de ajuda vindo da Turquia: isto não é sobre shoppings! | Mundo Desalienado

  17. Anonim dedi ki:

    i shared on FB!!! fuck the system

  18. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali | KIM RIDES THE SURF

  19. Anonim dedi ki:

    thanks to give me a clear view if the movment , i have firends there and they are involved in too , yes they are peaceful peoples and they keep the spirit of the city …


    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA … let the force be with all of you .

  20. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | peoples trust toronto

  21. ravithekavi dedi ki:

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    ‘Where the mind is without fear and the held is held high..’

  22. Chris Pisarra dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Totally Unauthorized and commented:
    One of my friends posted this on Facebook this morning. All stories have at least two side, this is the side I haven’t been able to read online in the press.

  23. margaretorgankean dedi ki:

    It isn’t displaced by cats or beauty pageants here. It’s the top story on CNN’s web site. I pray things go well for you and your country.

  24. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali | PunditPost

  25. Anonim dedi ki:

    thank you for your words and for getting the word out – for the courage to speak and be heard.

  26. Anonim dedi ki:

    This is recep tayyip erdogan, the megalomaniac dictator who fools the whole world posing as a democrat. don`t be fooled by his suit and necktie, his mentality is that of al-qaida, taliban and the likes.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      yalancıyı sikmiyolar ya?

    • alaettin dedi ki:

      You are writing wrong things here.

      Recep Yatıp Erdoğan couldn’t compared with
      taliban or mullahs like in iran.

      He is the prime mister of Turkey and
      was voted by over 50% of turkish people.

  27. Reblogged this on Violet Flame Records and commented:
    10 Wind…dark wind…see pics….

  28. Plano, Tx USA dedi ki:

    Continue to share the news. I will stand with you and spread the word. I lived in Izmir as a child, ages 7-10, always wanting to come back. I hurt for you and those who stand for justice in a healthy manner only to be treated poorly. Keep us posted. Susan

  29. Anonim dedi ki:

    I feel with the people of Istanbul… Time for a change. Each has its price.
    Can’t do much for your but posting about your work Defne… find yourself here:
    Bless you beautiful yogini!

  30. l dedi ki:

    I feel for all these people in Istanbul.
    Not much I could do than sharing your story Defne… here the link:
    Bless you!

  31. Geri bildirim: Mein Update zur Lage in Istanbul… – Herr Krueger

  32. Ivy Marie dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Inside The Mind Of Ivy Marie and commented:
    Stand up, Speak out… Be aware of the cracks and flaws of this machine that is eating us alive.

  33. Ray Licuanan dedi ki:

    The people DESERVE the government they put up: In 1984, my people grew tired of the government. They went out to the streets, blocked the police and military. They gave them flowers and talked to them, to share what they, the person on the street, feel, and not what the government wants them to believe.

    No one was run down by tanks. The people, including nuns, priests, imams, managers in suits, all turned out in the open, and turned away the military and their tanks and their water cannons, and tear gas launchers.

    In the end, the government, including the president, stepped down….

    The people, not foreign intervention, will be the one to make the change…

    • Shishi dedi ki:

      No guy, your talk is too simply… you cant vote for right if governments make black polls… if they imprison generals that were sentinels of freedom… People deserve rights, not comments from people like you that wannabe Judges and Juries…

    • Tim dedi ki:

      Indeed, however in Turkey the police are attacking protesters who did nothing but hold a sit-in. Initially peaceful demonstrations were countered with peppergas, tear gas and water cannons. The police don’t want to listen as they are being paid well by Erdogan to beat down all protests against him. I hope the outcome will be good, but I fear the worst…

  34. metaminimum dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf Metamegamum rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Was Tagesschau und andere Nachrichtenformate ganz offenbar nicht im vollen Umfang zu erfuellen in der Lage sind:

  35. Anonim dedi ki:

    It is on the main news in the Uk, the bbc have been showing the police attacks this morning. Hopefully the government will feel the pressure from the international coverage and withdraw.

  36. Sahm King dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on The Arkside of Thought | Poetry, Philosophy, Politics & Life and commented:
    The trouble in Instanbul… If the media won’t say anything, let the people speak for themselves. Here’s one.

  37. Pedram G.H. dedi ki:

    Hello brave people of Turkey! You are not alone! We stand behind you!
    Dear writer, thank you! I will post the URL of your blog where ever I can. Your description brings it to the point very well.
    I am following the Taksim uprising here in Austria and will support you where ever we can.

  38. Strategieberater dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf STRATEGIE NEWS rebloggt und kommentierte:
    To my friends in Turkey…

  39. Ralf dedi ki:

    Thank you so much for this emotionally touching post. It reminds me of similar experiences when cultural heritage (especially within city limits) has been demolished or taken out of the ground. It is this intangible cultural heritage that a park, old oaks that tell a special story are taken down for the next shopping mall.

    Last Friday here in Dresden a conference with the title “Climate Change as a Threat to Peace” touched (though from a different perspective) this issue; more via https://twitter.com/htxa/status/340381602301493248

    I have added blog on http://leanthinkers.blogspot.com, and send you all the strength, and mindfulness to make the best out of the current situation.

  40. Wenche dedi ki:

    We will keep on shairng.

  41. beefree1 dedi ki:

    Love and Support from Northern California !!!

  42. Anonim dedi ki:

    I read this and want to stand with you but then I read the part about human rights and freedom to choose what to do with your body and in the same sentence wanting to be able to take away the human rights and the right to choose what to do with their body by supporting abortion… Praying for resolve in your country (and mine) and praying for true human rights, rights that protect innocent children.

  43. PartlyPixie dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on 12 Novels and commented:
    There are important things in this world. Massivel,y massively important, and what is happening in Istanbul is one of them. Please read this, and please share it. This is what the Internet can do for us, it’s what writers can do, we write what matters, we share what others write.

    Please read, please share.

  44. Bek dedi ki:

    I have NZ friend visiting Diyarbakir , we have lost contact , mobile no answer for days …very worried. What is situation there , do you know ? There are millions of people who support you I am sure . I do .

  45. Chris dedi ki:

    I’m in the US, more specifically, in Wisconsin. I will share your story far and wide. I’m so sorry you and your people are going through this right now. This struggle seems to be a world wide struggle between the elites and everyone else, the only thing that seems to vary is the level of violence used on protesters. I will keep you and your people in my thoughts and prayers.

    Solidarity from WI

    Given the condition we find ourselves in these days on this planet, understanding our interconnetedness is not a spiritual luxury; its a societal imperative.

  46. Anonim dedi ki:

    Greetings from South Africa, in solidarity with the people of Turkey.
    I have been sharing all of the situtation as it has developed on my FB wall, including your blog, now too. I would lke to urge the citizens to not lose momentum now and to continue every effort to get rid of Erdogan by forcing early elections. He is only going to come back at you with a vengeance.
    I don’t know how you are going to do it, but it has to be done, or Turkey will fall into fascism and totalitarianism for many years.
    My prayers and thoughts are with your nation
    Jeremy Acton
    Cape Town
    South Africa

  47. Mariana dedi ki:

    I will share it on my wall on Facebook ! Bulgaria supports you komshu !

  48. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? An on Location Report - | Intellihub.com

  49. Hz dedi ki:

    Support from Taiwan to fight against dictatorship!

  50. mehmetakif dedi ki:

    This is the drama of a corrupt government, its megalomaniac leader and his fanatic followers, its rabbit dogs in terms of the police and the ever silent media. It is also the tragedy of the young Turkish republic.

  51. Resist fascism wherever whenever! Support from Croatia!

  52. Geri bildirim: Traduction/Translation – Article de Defne, sur les horreurs d’Istanbul – horror in Istanbul | Light up your life

  53. Emil Djupfeldt dedi ki:

    Here in Sweden this has been all over the news the past few days. The bit about Turkish media not reporting on it was new though…

  54. Iris Lily dedi ki:

    Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for standing up against tyranny. Thank you for being a VOICE!

  55. Hi Defne, I just translate your post and post it on facebook and on my blog… now, french spoken people can really see what happening in Istanbul. Hope it will change something!
    Stay safe and strong

  56. Kevin Hamel dedi ki:

    Facebook is used in many ways and for many purposes. The ability to give first-hand accounts of what is happening at protests and demonstrations, to tell stories from a personal perspective, to shine light where it is not being shone, seems more and more to be one of its most valuable.

    It does not hurt that this post is so beautifully written.

  57. Berlin Domestic dedi ki:

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    All power to the people of Istanbul –
    Read and pass it on.

  58. Yogi Folies dedi ki:

    Hi Defne,
    I just translate and post your article on my blog and on facebook. hope this will help to change.
    stay safe and strong!

  59. Kaltès dedi ki:

    A reblogué ceci sur kaltesandfriends.

  60. Anonim dedi ki:

    I will share your post in my facebook page. I’m from Portugal and yestarday we marched against the troika and the power of money that are robbing us our future. Turkey was in our thoughts and words. There were many signs supporting your struggle. People shouted ” spain, turkey, ireland and Portugal, our struggle is international”. You are not alone! We march with you, for you. When they shut you down, we will be your voice. When they arrest you, we will stand up for you. Hold on! Be strong! Fight for you, your fathers, your children. Fight for freedom! We will echoe your words and crys! May freedom be forever in your path!

  61. Zekaker dedi ki:

    Im from Croatia! Stand up, speak up, keep up..!! My heart is with U, Turkish people…

  62. Yvonne DvD dedi ki:

    Read this, find it unbelievable sad and shared it in Holland. May there be peace soon.

  63. Jette Kristoffersen dedi ki:

    Thank for this very good information. I am in Istanbul and wittness (and felt) the police violence friday, while I was waitning for my bus at Taksim. The media in my country has not been very precise on this matter either – but this morning I was asked to give an interview to The Danish Broadcast News. I can just encouraged other foreing visitors and wittness to do the same.

  64. koszyczek dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on koszyczek and commented:
    Dobry opis tego, co się dzieje i dlaczego.

  65. Susanne dedi ki:

    Thank You for sharing this information. I have posted it to Facebook, and am hoping to multiply thereby.

    Wishing all the best to you, your friends and family, and the protesters. May you succeed and be spared from harm.

    It is a howling shame, but to me it seems that most governments of this world are in bed with the Big Dollar Corporations, and do not hesitate at all to sell their countries, their people, their resources. What a shame!

  66. froyo dedi ki:

    It is all over the news in the Netherlands. Your voices are heard in the media abroad.

  67. Boycott those supermarkets and share this

  68. Anonim dedi ki:

    amazing blog thank you so much for telling it like it is YOU are not alone POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  69. Anonim dedi ki:

    The people of Turkey have the power within their hands to change how the government operates.
    Use that power carefully, don’t let “hotheads” take over the protestations! Good luck

  70. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’m confused about why everyone is pitching this as some kind of media suppression. Its on the front pages of the Guardian, BBC, LA Times, in addition to Radikal, Hurriyet and even Zaman!

  71. Cheetah Hsieh dedi ki:

    I sincerely hope that you’ll keep the park. A park brings the quality of living environment which is what your people deserve as well as the freedom of speech, free of police abuses and other human rights.

  72. Anonim dedi ki:

    I think it’s definitely important to try and spread this kind of news, since it’s not reported by the regular news channels. I’m not so optimistic by getting one’s rights this way… but at least you can try! Know that many young people around the world feel solidarity with you and are encouraged to see you are standing up against your government!

  73. Anonim dedi ki:

    This is a song that sums up what is going on. “its the Sale Of The Century, everything must go”

    SATELLITES – ‘Sale of the Century’ (Vesterbrother Records 2013) from HΩΩPMUSIC on Vimeo.

  74. Anonim dedi ki:


  75. pietro majer dedi ki:

    Sadly, they will eventually destroy Gezi park and build the shoppig mall. But then, the great answer would be: no one customer enter there. Not even if they offer their bloody stuff for free. If Instanbul’s people are able to do so, nothing will stop them.

  76. Anonim dedi ki:

    Hi ! I’m a journalist from Romania I want to know more about it. It is possible a telphone number. ..? My email address : nichi.saizu@primatv.ro

  77. Elianora dedi ki:

    Don’t worry. People know. It is mainstream news here in Finland, and the reports say that protesters have the Taksim Square. Good luck.

  78. Nicol dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

  79. Anonim dedi ki:

    Great blog, thank you. I have shared with my icelandic friends. Strength and hope to you courageus people!

  80. raoulboers dedi ki:

    Hang in there! The world is watching. I hope your government will be criticized and pressured by the international community and diplomacy to respect the will and freedom of it’s citizens. Long live beautiful Turkey

  81. Anonim dedi ki:

    your words have been read. I confirm it myself from Germany. German friends of mine shared it, and I shared it… Australian friends liked it… Even my american friends saw it. We are there, and we support you!!!

  82. Anonim dedi ki:

    Bless you, and best of luck….. reposting to everyone I can find in Melbourne, Australia ❤

  83. raoulboers dedi ki:

    Hang in there! The world is watching. I hope your government will be criticized and pressured by the international community and diplomacy to respect the will and freedom of it’s citizens. Long live beautiful Turkey!

  84. Jovan Domazet dedi ki:

    Western Governments do not peacefully resolve problems in other countries. They don’t help they just come in and fuel destruction with metal bullets and deception. Western forces do not analyse situations carefully enough to understand the problem and implement a peaceful solution. This post could so easy be a Wester media reporter feeding us crap!

  85. Anonim dedi ki:

    Our prayers are with you…From India.

  86. Tanya dedi ki:

    In a prayer after all awakening is possible! In love, harmony and wisdom of that, Who will give a hand and without a delay instant The universal Love will open! Ask Truth, God! Не, She, Light and its Wisdom will introduce the real peace and understanding of a situation. Also will find a way to come to harmony in the events! Beliefs, Love and Patience! ! With God – ALL is possible! ! ! ! And God is a Love and Knowledge…

  87. UK dedi ki:

    Turkey is such a beautiful country and the people are so friendly and really don’t deserve this ………. i hope it all calms down for the people of Turkey

  88. Maria dedi ki:

    Thank you for your courage and sharing this with us!
    And don’t worry, it is top story in BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, New York Times and in germand TV and newspaper, too! A lot of people on FB are posting and there are solidarity actions all over the world!

  89. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this information. Our thoughts are with you; togheter for human rights!
    All the best from Norway.

  90. Simmy dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Please share!

  91. Ali dedi ki:

    Fake image, it is from Istanbul Maratton

  92. In case you are sprayed:
    “Just like grease, oleoresin capsicum oil is made of nonpolar molecules, so while drinking water or splashing your face with it may provide instant relief, it does not remove the oil or provide any lasting relief. If you’re sprayed with pepper spray, there are a few things you can do:
    First of all, and most importantly, don’t touch the affected area. Pepper spray is oil-based and can easily be spread to other parts of your body just by touching it.
    Blink rapidly to cause your eyes to tear up. This may help to flush some of the pepper spray out of your eyes.
    Wash your skin with a cleansing solution, such as hand soap, shampoo or even dish soap, and rinse with water. Soaps help break up and remove the oil when water can’t.
    Use a “no tears” baby shampoo to help rinse the pepper spray from the eye area. Just like soap, this will help remove the oil, but you can use it on sensitive areas without causing more irritation.”

  93. Simmy dedi ki:

    The people of Turkey have my support! I will share this as much as possible.

  94. Korilian dedi ki:

    They might be censoring this in Turkey, but the news of what is happening has made the papers in the Netherlands and presumably other countries. The world is watching. Stay safe.

  95. Anonim dedi ki:


  96. Avarie dedi ki:

    You may be happy to know that the media in Germany is covering the protests.

  97. Sarah Smith dedi ki:

    I wanted to let you know I’ve read your blog, and I’ll be sharing it on my facebook page. I am in Australia. My thoughts are with you and all my fellow brothers and sisters in Instanbul! The world is with you, may you have strength! xxx

  98. mike dedi ki:

    Oh that is very bad. I think that you should take the government down and make a new elections to get better life for everybody .

  99. Janet Granger dedi ki:

    Good luck to the people of Turkey. This is being reported on the BBC news website, but not in a way that explains what is really happening, in my opinion. But then, nothing on the BBC news website, ever is explained properly 😦

  100. vimneok dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Sedmikraska and commented:
    Fade to black once again…

  101. Anonim dedi ki:

    I have heard reports of Bar staff asking what religion people are before serving them alcohol?! I don’t understand it.And as for the comments about someone kissing in public,how does that turn the “youth” into barbaric thugs? It’s your ideology that creates a barbaric law madam,love and understanding is the way forward not oppression!! Shared the blog on Facebook uk! Good luck.

  102. Anonim dedi ki:

    I´ve enjoyed being turkeys guest round 10 times as a boy, after 15 years returning to istanbul to be welcomed with the same, hearty, hospital smile. As a transsexual, staying for a hairtransplant, shopping in taskim naturally. Returning to Stuttgart i didn´t feel “back in civilisation”, but as having left it. Stuttgart21, our Attempt to re-new our main-tree station rose in expenses while demonstrations where helt and put down violently, as all trees in the park next to the station to be turned into souverniers. I remember a something you don´t see in germany: An police-officer wearing his weapon-of-duty, modified with a grip made from nacreous. Take care

  103. Anonim dedi ki:

    What an amazing fight you are putting up for freedom of life and expression. I admire you for your courage and strength. I will share your words on the internet. Good luck!
    Cleo James London UK.

  104. The truth will out and this is another manifestaion of the insanity coming to a head and into awareness. The people will rise if all stand together and not allow out of aligned fear to rule the day. We peasants in the field, we pawns in the chess game. We can have our day where love rises and awakens all to the darkness and insanity. Its happening. In times of chaos great things emerge. There has to be upheaval for change and evolution to come through. We are witnessing in every corner of the globe. Sending love to you and your freinds in the font line at this time. As long as we dont fall into conflict with them, they have nothing to keep them alive. The fear and suffering needs conflict to survice.

    Its on its last legs when it starts pepper spaying innocent people and driving over children. Hence why even policeofficers were leaving their jobs. These acts cannot and will not continue. There will be bloodshed and death will inevitably be present. Love and unity will prevail. xxxxxx

    Thank you for shining a light on this darkness. Your message is being heard loud and clear and the ripples are spreading further than you can imagine right now. The call is heard by many xx

  105. The truth will out and this is another manifestaion of the insanity coming to a head and into awareness. The people will rise if all stand together and not allow out of aligned fear to rule the day. We peasants in the field, we pawns in the chess game. We can have our day where love rises and awakens all to the darkness and insanity. Its happening. In times of chaos great things emerge. There has to be upheaval for change and evolution to come through. We are witnessing in every corner of the globe. Sending love to you and your freinds in the font line at this time. As long as we dont fall into conflict with them, they have nothing to keep them alive. The fear and suffering needs conflict to survice.

    Its on its last legs when it starts pepper spaying innocent people and driving over children. Hence why even policeofficers were leaving their jobs. These acts cannot and will not continue. There will be bloodshed and death will inevitably be present. Love and unity will prevail. xxxxxx

    Thank you for shining a light on this darkness. Your message is being heard loud and clear and the ripples are spreading further than you can imagine right now. The call is heard by many xx

  106. Jytte Takahashi dedi ki:

    Terrible that non violence protests are met with violent police tht kill the publick ! I share your writtings to let more people know what is going on in Istanbul

  107. Sam dedi ki:

    Congratulations turkish people! Respect!

  108. dumok dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Dumok’s ComicsWeblog.

  109. Anonim dedi ki:

    shaed on facebook. Be proud of the people in your country!!

  110. Anonim dedi ki:

    Poland is still with you!
    I have many friends in Turkey….I believe in you guys!

    blog is shared.

  111. Anonim dedi ki:

    Will share this as far as I can .. appalling 😦

  112. I am so sorry for your pain, we are with you all over the world & thinking about you!!!

  113. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali » Now Thrive - Essential Health, Wealth and Success

  114. Anonim dedi ki:

    Reblogged, Keep up the good work!

  115. Utopia dedi ki:

    @Alison Burgers
    For real? You are thinking that it is good to ban kissing in public? I’m from germany and this is the stupidest law i ever heared of. Even more stupid then the american laws like in texas you’re not allowed to wear a chicken on your head.
    With the alcohol i can understand. It’s the worst drug which is legal, i think even lsd makes less damage to you body. When i see my father i can tell you that alcohol is one of the evilesd things on earth! It destroyed his full brain, he lives in another world, and from his point he is always right. It’s horrorbil.
    @Sumandef: You’re fighting for the right thing, i wish you the best, so hopefully some failure of your government will be changed.
    Shared this on Facebook, Google+, MySpace

  116. Anonim dedi ki:

    It might give you some comfort to know that the trouble in Istanbul has been very widely reported in the mainstream media in Australia over the last few days. Keep it up, the word is certainly out there.

  117. akinmagazin dedi ki:

    and whats going on now? media reported, erdogan has said, the park will not be destroyed. but the protest was not only about the park and after that what happened, i think, this would not stop an uprising struggle. but since today (sunday) morning there is a lack of information about the further development. please report the following things!

  118. Geri bildirim: Hey, Hey, Hey, What is going on here? | I'LL BE RIGHT HERE

  119. carolmsuper dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Carol Msuper! and commented:
    I have friends in Turkey as well as turkish friends who have family and if reblogging will help the situation then i will reblog!

  120. akinmagazin dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf akiblo rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Ein weiterer Augenzeugenbericht aus Istanbul. Auch hier ist natürlich nicht klar, ob alle Informationen korrekt sind. Aufgrund der Situation in Istanbul gibt es aber kaum andere Quellen. (Die Berichte der internationalen Medien sind ja auch sehr mit Vorsicht zu geniessen.)

  121. Anna Rezende dedi ki:

    The only mention about it I found in our Brazilian media: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mundo/2013/06/1288537-governo-recua-apos-dois-dias-de-protestos-na-turquia-mais-de-900-sao-presos.shtml

    Not sure what I can do to help but I’ll spread the news among my acquaintances. Wish you all the best!

  122. Anonim dedi ki:

    Please don’t stop, your braveness and doing good will be of the most importance and I am wishing you the very best of luck and will pray for strength and comfort.

  123. Ricarda dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf There is always one more story to be told… rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Holy… okay, this is horrible. People need to know. We had a similar inicdent like that at the park about a year back, when German Railways tried to cut down centuries old trees to build a new train station. The use of teargas and water cannons was similar, but at least we all knew and could react. This is why I reblog. People need to be aware. When someone is calling for support in a situation like this, how can we not try and help, if only by spreading the word?

  124. Mike B) dedi ki:

    Just shared your blog on my FB page.

  125. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | ENGLISH LANGUAGE REVIEW 4U

  126. Tony G dedi ki:

    I’m very sorry to read this. I was sat in this park last year, whilst waiting for a bus. What makes me even more sorry, is that I fly to Antalya tomorrow for two weeks holiday. In light of the recent events (kissing in public, sale of alcohol, etc) I may have to rethink my holiday destination next year.
    I don’t think this is what Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wanted, when he made Turkey a great country.

  127. Adnan dedi ki:

    It is not about a Park only, trust me. It is more than that. Another sponsored revolution.

  128. Daniel Franke dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Venti Belli: The Winds of War and commented:
    I do not often use this blog as a political forum, but you will probably see more posts and repostings like this. Whether in Turkey, in Syria, or anywhere where good citizens are oppressed by their governments, your voice should at least be counted among those who said “this is wrong.”

  129. anna dedi ki:

    I shared it via fb and twitter! Thanks for letting us know – you have our solidarity, from Germany!

  130. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thanks you for this blog, it’s important for us to know. (Christopher from New Zealand)

  131. Radu Tanasescu dedi ki:

    News of the protests in Istambul have been on the frontpage of Romanian mass media websites since yesterday. The media IS NOT silenced around the world. BBC is reporting the protests as well.

    However until reading your article I did not fully realise how bad the situation was. Yesterday it just seamed that some people were protesting and today media reported that police forces already backed down. So I wasn’t very worried. I am now however.

    You must fight for the resignation of your prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I understand he wants to negotiate now, but do not agree to anything other then his immediate resignation. He had the audacity to defy his people and use brute force against you. Such a leader should never be tolerated and, after his resignation, he should also face trial for his actions.

    Do not give up. You hold the power. The government is in your service, it is the government that should fear you, not the other way around.

  132. Anonim dedi ki:

    greetings from greece,thanks for your letter

  133. Anonim dedi ki:

    Prayers from Pakistan

  134. Anonim dedi ki:

    Well done for blogging about this. And get some homeopathic Arnica tablets – ideally 200c or 10M – to your friend with the head injury. May save her life!

  135. artob dedi ki:

    This is so important that you people are doing this. Not just for your lives and how you live, but for the many many other people experiencing similar conditions and worse. Being in Turkey, the control of your population in the desired way (for the corporations who want to destroy the middle east and control the oil) is crucial. So resist, resist, don’t stop resisting. And this can spread further for all of us against these insane resource-hungry power mongers who don’t care about the majority of people on this earth.

  136. la jeune âme dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on la jeune âme and commented:
    “They all gathered to prevent the demolition of something bigger than the park:

    The right to live as honorable citizens of this country.”

    Please spread the word – everyone deserves the right to a decent, humane life!!

  137. ibos dedi ki:

    boyle yapmakla ulkenin kotu reklamini yapmis oluyosun farkindamisin? ben en buyuk protestocusuyum bu parkin ve diger yasaklarin ama bu arada ben yurtdisinda yasiyorum ,zaten buralarda ulke imajimiz iyi degil , sen tum bu ulkede olan biteni hertaraf yaymakla sadece bu imaji daha da bir deep yapiyosu dikkt et arkadasim , yabacilar sadece populer bir konu oldugu icinbiraz ilgilenmis gorunurler basta ama geride sadece beyinlerinde daha kara , ortadoguya ait bir turkiye imaji kalir ,ihanet etme ulkene defne!!

  138. Anonim dedi ki:

    For people in Turkey free VPN access:

    Username: vpnbook
    Password: rac3vat9

    Server #1: euro1.vpnbook.com (Anonymous VPN)
    Server #2: euro2.vpnbook.com (Anonymous VPN)
    Server #3: uk1.vpnbook.com (UK VPN – optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)
    Server #4: us1.vpnbook.com (US VPN – optimized for fast web surfing; no p2p downloading)

    Dial up internet access: +46850009990 or +492317299993 or +4953160941030 User:telecomix Pass:telecomix


    Why are they protesting:

    More Info:

    Turkish protesters clash with riot police – in pictures

    Violent protests erupt for a second day after riot police used water cannon and teargas on Friday to break up demonstrations against the demolition of an Istanbul park to make way for a new shopping centre. As anger about police tactics mounted, the protests snowballed into a national display of resentment towards the government of prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Current Picture Gallery:

    More Pictures:

    Current Videos:



  139. bruknovi dedi ki:

    Resist, resist and keep resisting for as long as you can. This is not only important for the trees of Gezi and the people in Istanbul and Turkey, this is important for many others who are resisting against the same global capitalist system which benefits the few at the expense of the many. But your resistance is particularly important because control of Turkey for the corporations is crucial in their plans to destroy the middle east and maintain the flow of oil. This is horrible, but wonderful. Please, keep it up!!

  140. Anonim dedi ki:

    Have reposted your story on my FB wall. Your measured and matter-of-fact tone highlights the stark reality behind it.

  141. etonnante dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on étonnante and commented:
    I’m with you! You deserve justice, I hope you get it…you’re definitely doing a nobel thing, standing up for what you believe in!

  142. yarilog dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Worth sharing?.

  143. Muthonility dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on thuorose and commented:
    What is happening in Istanbul

  144. Harry Avers dedi ki:

    I am so sad for your people and your country… this seems to be happening everywhere….
    Please know that you and your friends and your entire wonderful beautiful country are in my Thoughts and Prayers….

  145. vghnm dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Mimi in Tenochtitlán and commented:
    Együttérzek veletek, törökök!

    // I sympathize with you, Turks!

  146. bkvirendra dedi ki:

    Shared it with my Twitter followers

  147. Anonim dedi ki:

    I am so sad to hear what is happening in your country. In Australia the government makes decisions that aren’t supported by the people here as well, especially when it comes to big corporations raping and pillaging our land and resources. I will share your blog post on Facebook and any other information I can find. Stay strong!! Xoxoxo

  148. I was following the german press on this. They missed out two were killed of tanks. This is really horrible news. Turkey is were east and west meets. I hope it stays/becomes free and democratic and still maintains the great cultural background. While I also hope not more people are injured and your friend is recovering quickly, I also hope you folks will keep up the fight for your rights. A strong and free Turkey is necessary for the peace between east and west. And besides, I love that you defend your trees. Take care and best of luck!

  149. Thank you from Australia we will share. Human Rights for all By Any Means Necessary

  150. Geri bildirim: Turkish revolution – Occupy Gezi! | JuiceFriends.com

  151. Anonim dedi ki:

    we need more news, more images, more phone videos. Can you provide that?

  152. Anonim dedi ki:

    Shared in Facebook and Twitter in Poland.

  153. x-pressed.org dedi ki:

    Thank you for the information! We shared your blog on facebook!
    Solidarity from Athens to Istanbul

  154. Chris dedi ki:

    Don’t have any sympathy for your country, as you idiots voted these crazy people into power in the first place.

  155. Anonim dedi ki:

    Here is the link to the page https://www.facebook.com/OccupyGezi?fref=ts

  156. Anonim dedi ki:

    I want to let you know that this news have to spread. We have to make it big the same way people did in Egypt! STay firm and let´s work together on this. People unite!

  157. Anonim dedi ki:

    Writing those words from Italy: the only thing I can do for you is share it. Hold on, good luck.

  158. Anonim dedi ki:

    We spread the word in London and Budapest!

    I wonder how every country managed to gather few thousand aggressive, mindless brainwashed idiot to build a so called police force.

    I hope everything will turn out well!

  159. Anonn dedi ki:

    Please excuse my ignorance,one question , is this movement leading to an Iran-like nation (extrem islam ,women covered ,etc)?

  160. Saralita Zauner dedi ki:

    Let´s spread the news!

  161. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | monixacoroiu

  162. Marius dedi ki:

    It seems like police, army and so on are mechanisms used by the government to supress any freedom movement. I well remember how things went in Bucharest, in 2012. I was there and the situation is quite similar to what happens now in Istanbul. Whole Romania is with you! Good luck and all the best!
    I bow down to all of those people protesting up there! Fuck the system!

    P.S.: Please, let us know what happens next. And thanks for what you’ve already posted. I just shared on FB.

  163. Anonim dedi ki:

    Shared on Facebook in Australia – we are seeing what’s happening, it was the lead story on our news tonight – know we are listening and we support you xoxo

  164. Paulina dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this information in english. I’m from Poland and our media don’t share this news. We don’t know what is going on in Istanbul so I try find information on the internet. I share your story on Facebook.

  165. Anonim dedi ki:

    Istanbul is my favourite place on Earth. I love that park and have travelled there many times from London. Many of my closest friends are there. My heart is with you all. England’s BBC is reporting, so your story is not unheard. Keep fighting, I hope the right will win.

  166. Geri bildirim: Despre spiritul revoluționar al românilor | The Frowned Upon Area - blog #DeMinte

  167. READ dedi ki:

    Ppl you should know something, especially the Turkish people; if you want to destroy a country you have to do it from the inside. This protests are organized by somebody, we all know that Turkey lately is becoming powerful which for some countries does not fit, Turkish be careful they want to destroy your country. Countries that they want you down are organizing protests on their countries to “support” you, but they want you do go down!

  168. arwenangel dedi ki:

    Thank you for this post. After having seen a lot of pictures about the protest already, I had seriously started to wonder how the protest had started. We had a similiar situation 3 years ago in Stuttgart Germany, a park should leave for a new underground trainstation with lots of shopping areas. There were massive protests over month with more than 60.000 people at the peak of it and solidarisations in other towns. We didn’t have the problem, that media didn’t report and most of the time protest were no interrupted by the police. But when the companies wanted to start building, thousands of protesting people including children were force away from the park with water guns and pepper spray, to cut the first trees, people were severily woonded and some blinded.
    I wrote a blog post about it: https://arwenangel.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/02-10-2010-democracys-edge/ and here are some impressions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6Y9F-vX7bc&feature=youtu.be
    As the sitaution in my country drove me to tears, what I read in your post did, too. I stand in solidarity with all those peacefully demonstrating!

  169. share. best wishes to your friend, to you all dedi ki:


  170. Anonim dedi ki:

    Regards from Pakistan, with you all the way.

  171. Geri bildirim: Chemical Warfare | Spanish Revolution

  172. Anonim dedi ki:

    Fight… Make the body very tight
    Don’t let anyone inside
    Don’t let anyone out of sight
    Hide, but open your eyes wide
    Ride, even if it is against the tide
    Even if no one is on your side
    Fight… If you know you are right
    Fight… Even if it is darker than the night
    Fight… If you are alive
    Fight… Even if you are not going to survive
    Fight… Fight… Fight…

  173. Sal dedi ki:

    Regards from Pakistan, with you all the way, you are on the right track! P.s it took me quite a while to post this comment cause I don’t understand Turkish.

  174. Lior dedi ki:

    Thank you for your writings
    I love your people and your beautiful country. I wish all the best to you and to your county. I hope the calm will be back and the changes will be made by democratic means in the next election. Lior Alon Jerusalem Israel

  175. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | sladisworld

  176. Rei-chan dedi ki:

    What you do is right, and we all stand together against the officials that disregard their people.
    Russkie-Israeli here, I truly support you and wish you well.

  177. Anonim dedi ki:

    i am british or english and its same as here but they dont use tanks yet so to keep the general population on their side..the people that control this country and large parts of the world have lost morality and instead hide behind respectability to persue their material gain…personnally i dont know what to do anymore about it but when i hear of it going on around the world it becomes more and more obvious that the governmeeants are the cause of major problems and yet they try to blame the people useing divide and rule methods….so sorry to hear whats happening to you and your people lets hope that one day soon the system breaks itself and we can live as a collective of one human family again…my heat goes out to you….

  178. Anonim dedi ki:

  179. Steve dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Steve Oldham Photography and commented:
    An insiders view of the current situation in Istanbul, Turkey.

  180. Anonim dedi ki:

    Government is violence. There is no such thing as good government.

    • Isa dedi ki:

      I shared your article on fb… I’m with all you brave People out there in Istanbul. Stay strong, and may your cause be won without further violence! Greetings from switzerland

  181. Jet3 dedi ki:

    Heard about protests in Istanbul this morning but information was sketchy about what was happening. Government over reach is endemic (in the US it increases with both parties) and it is the regular people who suffer. Keep up the fight! If you do not mind I want to post your letter on my blog.

  182. Support Turkey dedi ki:

    I have posted a video showing the atrocities happening now at Turkey’s protests:

    Share and let others know what’s happening in this beautiful country located on two continents

  183. Eyeswideshut dedi ki:

    I am in the US and clearly see what is going on. Turkish government is a western puppet selling out its country to western corporations, and working with west to destroy Syria and its wonderful history. This is shameful! I will pass the story! My prayers are with the Turkish people!

  184. M dedi ki:

    I’d like to know how the tolerate foregin media journalists in istanbul, i consider buying a two way plane ticket to istanbul to cover the story in photos.

  185. Anonim dedi ki:

    I went to Istanbul and other parts of Turkey nine months after 9/11/01. The residents of Turkey showed such great concern and compassion for our plight, especially upon hearing we were from New York. Simply put, I found the Turish people to be some of the kindest I’ve ever come across in my travels. It saddens me to hear that this is going on presently. I will definitely share on Facebook, and my thoughts will be with the Turkish people.

  186. Anonim dedi ki:

    Hi, I am French and living in Russia. To me it makes much sense to go to the streets and protest against abusive governments. Especially when they are pushed to do what they did to Istanbul’s people these last days – and the whole world can see what they are capable of.
    I love Istanbul, as anyone does when they visit this amazing city. Do not let it be destroyed by capitalism policy, and do not let your lives be destroyed by dictators.
    Total support. At the moment, the only possible thing to do is to share this information everywhere and open people’s eyes on your government.
    Be strong and united!

  187. Jules dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Far From The Sticks and commented:
    This post eloquently explains the impetus behind the Turkish protests and how a non-violent park occupation turned into desperate political protests all over the country.

  188. russnelson dedi ki:

    I expected nothing less from Erdohan. Turkey must have a secular state.russn

  189. Anonim dedi ki:

    we need laws however this is redicilous. no government should be telling their people how to live their personal lives its beyond redicilous makes me sick.

  190. mio. dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf mio vivo. rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  191. Anonim dedi ki:

    Oneness Lovingness. Occupy Equality Street 🙂

  192. Anonim dedi ki:

    Well, here in Finland the mainstream media at least is spreading news about what is happening there in Turkey.

  193. Anonim dedi ki:

    I say Hello to all Turkish Friends who are participating in these protests! I understood for the current situation in Instanbul via facebook. Dear friends, fight for your rights!There are people all over the world who get known for your protest and support you. Respect to all of you. Your Bulgarian friend!!!

  194. angelicacrimson dedi ki:

    Reblogueó esto en Angélica Crimsony comentado:
    Testimonio desde Istambul

  195. Anonim dedi ki:

    Istanbul was page 4 in the New York Times Saturday, page 10 today. I’ve been following it on Facebook since Friday. The whole world needs to resist the global corporatocracy and their lackeys in government. To our Turkish sisters and brothers, one love across three continents.

  196. canalcook dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this. What is happening in Turkey has been front page news here in Denmark, also in Ireland and England. The world is watching, even if the Turkish media is not.

  197. Anonim dedi ki:

    June 2, 1989 – 10,000 Chinese soldiers are blocked by 100,000 citizens protecting students demonstrating for democracy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing

  198. **** dedi ki:

    June 2, 1989 – 10,000 Chinese soldiers are blocked by 100,000 citizens protecting students demonstrating for democracy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing

  199. allisoneteague dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Allison's Journals and commented:
    I must reblog this post from Istanbul Turkey where thousands of men, women and young people, even cats and dogs, are being suppressed with tear gas and water cannon guns for protesting the plutocracy and fundamentalist/conservative direction of their gov’t. I stand in solidarity with ALL citizens of the world who walk, stand, protest, sing, dance and otherwise act in defense of liberty, freedom and justice for all.

  200. Shishi dedi ki:

    Alison Burger ma vai a cagare!

  201. Caroline Kenner dedi ki:

    Holding you and all Turks who are demonstrating against your repressive and tyrannical government tenderly in my heart and in my prayers. I will re-post your blogpost to my FB page where I have over 1K of friends. Blessings and gratitude to everyone. The future is ours.

  202. Geri bildirim: Lost Democracy | PULMAJ FINGER

  203. artisanrox dedi ki:

    Posted this on my local Occupy page. Solidarity.

  204. SB dedi ki:

    This is news on Sky News being shown in many countries. Wish you good luck to save the green spaces and the trees for future generations, and do not let government sell your souls to big corporations.

  205. Anonim dedi ki:

    Stay strong, so proud of you.

  206. Shoshi Free dedi ki:

    Heart breaking! This story brought tears to my eyes and immediately made me think of “Mordor” in the Lord of the Rings…..seeing the great trees pulled down and destroyed.
    My late finance’s parents were born in Istanbul and immigrated to Israel in 1948.
    I live in Orlando, Florida.
    Shoshana Rose

  207. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali | Dream : Love

  208. Anonim dedi ki:

    Reblogged, refacebooked. I wish we could do more than that. it is not about a park only. it is about the minimal freedom.

  209. mdfarrelly dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on mdfstuff and commented:
    What’s going on in Istanbul? There are two sides to every story…

  210. Anonim dedi ki:

    god bless turkey

  211. Jeffrey Brooks dedi ki:

    Freedom of speech is central to religious freedom. If we do not have the freedom to express ourselves, then we will not feel that we have the freedom to follow out personal religious convictions.

  212. Anonim dedi ki:


  213. Thank you for writing this blog. I have a friend currently in Istanbul who was caught up in this, so I had already heard the truth. I was recently myself in Istanbul and the one thing I commented on was how lovely the green spaces were.
    The truth will out…..people are no longer sheep. keep spreading the truth!

  214. angelicacrimson dedi ki:

    hi, from Barcelona,

    Istanbul, RISE UP, WE ARE ALL WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! In Spain we are living the same thing, violence coming from the government and silence on the TV… BUT WE ARE ALL TOGETHER, WE ARE THE NOBODY MASS, WE ARE A LOT, AND WE KNOW HOW TO ORGANISE OURSELVES!!!! Spanish television is talking about what’s happening on Istanbul, but it’s much better to know it from people like you. Please invite all your friends to write about whats happening on these days, we don’t trust the media, never, since some years ago. Please, try to find streaming conections to see and share with all the countries. Thanks for this post, big hug from Barcelona.

  215. Neil Goodwin dedi ki:

    Hearing you loud and clear in Cape Town, and spreading your words.. Will seek out something Turkish in Cape Town to protest outside of. Amandla!

  216. mona dedi ki:

    I am going to post it on my facebook. keep updating

  217. After reading your post I was searching through some old emails for something completely different and then this post popped out at me and wanted to share –

    One love

  218. Geri bildirim: Media blackout in Turkey | RPWW

  219. Geri bildirim: Chemical Warfare | OccuWorld

  220. Anonim dedi ki:

    Solidarity from Selanik

  221. Anonim dedi ki:

    I checked on the BBC website, it is their leading story. You are not ignored!

  222. Cris Insidedoc dedi ki:

    well, I am working together with several Turkish friends here in UK who didn’t know about that yesterday. Now it’s on BBC and CNN , so they have to know. But I quote from CNN news website : “International human rights groups Amnesty International and Greenpeace have denounced what they describe as excessive use of police force against peaceful protesters.
    A spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton issued a statement that said Ashton “regrets disproportionate use of force by members of the Turkish police.” Ashton also called for talks between the two sides.”

    What it is strange about this is that you have there in Turkey your own CNN Turkey if I remember correctly, so I don’t get it, they are shut down or silenced by your government, or they are working hand in hand… and keep the silence ?

  223. Anonim dedi ki:

    Shared on FB. Thank you for fighting..

  224. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you! We are all one, bon courage, animo, force…!!!

  225. I live in Australia an I support the protestors in and around Istanbul. The new regulations about alcohol sale and consumption are no different to the western world. We have non- alcohol family friendly zones nearly everywhere here n australia. We have regulations on who and where alcohol can be sold for instance you cant just go to a maket and grab bottle of wine off the shelf. The regulations are actually quite needed. We need to protect our children and that is the main these are in place. What the actual problem is and why there is such a strong reaction from drinkers and non-drinkers is, when Erdogan announces certain subjects such as alcohol he does it in a a way to stir problems. I dont believe its just a character issue with him. I believe he does this to provoke the people. I can not comprehend the reason behind it as i cannot comprehend the reason why he is just and watching the events unfold. I gues only time will tell…

  226. Geri bildirim: Istanbul in flames | Almira Catovic

  227. Sermad dedi ki:

    Thank you for your strength. And for sharing these words. I believe there may come some good from this. Surely the government cannot continue to treat the people like this and have any hope of further acceptance into the riches of he ‘western paradise’! Change must come. Beyond the greed and fear that beats in the heart of many of those in power.
    Of course those western nations are quite capable of doing such things to ‘their’ people. But, perhaps times have moved forward & media pressure limits such abuses of humanity in many countries today.

  228. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank You for that information & it is my hope that a peaceful resolution becomes available very soon !
    Unfortunately for many in the world, this is not an uncommon practice.Progress(?) seems likely to tear down many beloved reminders of days gone by where 100 years ago the idea of freedom to grow was a much different thing
    Shopping Malls take the place of a life we once new & Loved.
    My best to you & your friends ! Know that you are not alone
    Warm regards, Mark

  229. Anonim dedi ki:

    fight the good fight….offer the flowers….the police water spraying that young woman could not help but respond with heart. that is what i think. i wish you luck and peace.

  230. n. buchholz dedi ki:

    shared on facebook
    there have been lots of protests in favour for all of you , in germany by some thousand turkish people in some big towns … and reported by media .. . critical articles …showing understanding of what you are doing …
    thank you for posting … wish you all the best … sending love

  231. Geri bildirim: What is happening in Istanbul? › wemaflo.net

  232. neleheise dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf Forscher Norden rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Die Ereignisse in Istanbul beschäftigen mich derzeit sehr, u.a. weil ich im Oktober 2012 selbst eine Woche in dieser fantastischen Stadt war. Rückblickend waren viele Anzeichen für die Ereignisse der letzten Tage bereits erkennbar (z.B. Graffitis gegen Gentrifizierung/Räumung oder kleinere Protestkundgebungen). Ich reblogge diesen Beitrag einer türkischen Bloggerin, der m.E. ein anschauliches Bild der derzeitigen Lage zeichnet.

  233. Geri bildirim: NEVJEROVATNO: Turska zbog prosvjeda ukinula pristup Facebooku i Twitteru | LasvanskaDolina.info

  234. Geri bildirim: What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali | quasi.

  235. anaitats dedi ki:

    Much love and solidarity for you all, who are us, just in a different country. Please consider this, ask the whole country to immidiately stop shopping in all big shopping centers, even if it means eating bread and water for a week….it’s the only way, the only power we have to stop collaborating with the beast that stalks and devours us, this beast is not made of people, it’s made of greed and folly…

  236. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for your report of what’s actually happening… German people are 100% behind you !! Keep on fighting for your rights!

  237. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing!

  238. Max Hersey dedi ki:

    by standing up for your own liberty, you are standing up for all of ours. thank you.

  239. John dedi ki:

    Keep strong , keep the spirit up , whats right is right , and whats wrong must stop , thats what the human brain is made for , not for tear gas shots to people who protest in peace! Greetings from Athens , Greece. We support what you re doing!!!

  240. Max Hersey dedi ki:

    thank you for your struggle. you’re not only standing up for your own liberty, but for all of our liberties as well.

  241. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for your great report about this incredible crime against human rights and the nature! It’s very courageous! Wish you and your family to stay strong and defend this park and your vision! I will share this and try to get some support for you from the german government!

  242. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing with the world what is happening in Istambul . I no longer see the world fragmented by frontiers I believe the intire humanity is connected and we all are responsible for the things that happen all the time and anywhere.
    I am Brazilian and I leave in Rio. When I saw the images in the news I was scared by the extend that financial power are dominating everywhere. I felt for the people , for the trees…but at the same time I admired their courage to resist . You all be sure that the news coverage that arrive at this part of the world were horrified by the way a peaceful demonstration to safe a Park was been repressed in a criminal way.
    I would like to say that you are not alone not is all the people with good will around the planet that are trying to resist the forces of financial and political madness. You have all my support and admiration.You are not just fighting for a Park , you are fighting for humanity. Bravo !

  243. Athens dedi ki:

    In january 2009 in athens a small group of people gathered to a small park toprotest against the cutting of the trees and the building of a parking lot. That was the trigger to a general strugle against the mere’ s will to construct in every free space in the city….and more…behind a strugle for a park there is always a strugle for human rights…it is fundamental…now i revive those days and months that followed with shifts for guarding it, recultivating it and finally secured it….i know what you live, what you feel and what will follows…keep calm, focus and you will win….

  244. Ergenekon dedi ki:

    Police brutality was unacceptable; people should have the right to express their oppinion, to gather and to protest.

    But this blog is full of false information.

    Nobody died. There are no dead protesters. It’s a lie.

    The park is not under construction “to build another shopping mall” nor is it being permanently demolished. It is a building site of a tunnel behind the Taksim square.

    The trees are almost all already removed, and re-planted in the Golden Horn (ergo not cut). No one protested then, but only now when there are literally only a few trees left to be removed.

    Once the tunel construction is over, Gezi park will be re-built as it was looking before the construction. All the political parties in the City Counil approved the tunel construction long time ago.

    The whole protest was organized by the powerful ‘parallel state’ in order to provoke and undermine the current government, and the government fell for the trick – or at least the police fell for the bait. Deliberately? Time will tell.

    Btw the Prime Minister criticized police behavior.

  245. Anonim dedi ki:

    much light, love and peace to all of you !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  246. Anonim dedi ki:

    I pray for you all and the role you are playing in the awaking of the People of the World. Bless you & your efforts, may your people be safe and protected and may goodness prevail in your country and throughout the world. Exploitation of the citizens for benefit of the few (corporations and governments) must stop!

  247. Jamie dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Just Travel and commented:





    (有興趣的朋友,在instagram上查詢 #occupygezi #direngeziparki #direnturkiye #taksim 會有相關影像出現)

  248. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’ll help spred the word as well….thank you for standing up to tyranny. signed, a grateful hispanic lesbian farmer!

  249. Geri bildirim: Turmoil | Far From The Sticks

  250. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for writing this, i respect you and the people who are demonstrating immensely and i hope you can all be safe because this isn’t just a problem in Istanbul, it’s a worldwide problem where the corporations are trying to dictate and govern via commerce and profits, they’re killing mother earth slowly but surely and we’re becoming their slaves, courage

  251. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Solidarity from the UK!

  252. Geri bildirim: From Humor to Horror in Turkey: How Could They Beat Their Own People? (…) | Irregular Times

  253. Şirin - dual American/Turkish citizen dedi ki:

    Reposting this blog on my FB page.

  254. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thanks for writing this blog, I will translate it into arabic and republish.

    Mostafa Mohie
    Egyptian Activist and Journalist

  255. Anonim dedi ki:

    This is insanity. Why are they doing this to you? My goodness

  256. Hat dies auf Schwert der Aufklärung rebloggt und kommentierte:
    In der Türkei braut sich ja schon länger etwas zusammen und viele westlich eingestellte Türken haben schon seit Jahren ein Problem mit der islamisch-konservativen AKP. Nun scheint die Ablehnung vieler Türken eines Bauprojekt in einem grossen Park (S21 lässt grüssen) in Istanbul als Zündfunke grösserer Demonstrationen gegen die Politik des Türkenführers Erdowahn im allgemeinen zu funktionieren. Mögen die säkular eingestellten und der Unkkultur des Türkentums abgeneigten Türken mit ihrem Demonstrationen Erfolg haben und den Türkenführer mitsamt seiner AKP vom Thron stürzen.

  257. delasondas dedi ki:

    I copied this to my facebook so that people in the United States would better understand what is happening. Solidarity.

  258. Jen Siebert dedi ki:

    Stay strong! We are behind you!

  259. Alice dedi ki:

    I took the liberty to translate your post in Italian and publish it here. I have too many friends who cannot understand English.


  260. Tamer Mowafy dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on بهدوء.

  261. Anonim dedi ki:

    Your blog has gone viral.

  262. Alice dedi ki:

    I took the liberty to translate your post into Italian and post it here: http://qualcosadaltro.blogspot.it/2013/06/cosa-sta-succedendo-istanbul.html
    I have too many friends who cannot speak English.

  263. Anonim dedi ki:

    The internet is FREE and so it shall ALWAYS BE!

    How to connect to the internet in Turkey should your government shut it off. Please share with Turks.

    #occupygezi Dial Up

    User: telecomix
    Password: telecomix

    OR +33172890150

    Login: toto
    Password: toto

  264. Stefan Cociodar dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Stefan Cociodar and commented:
    Cu ochii ațintiți spre Turcia!

  265. René Baron dedi ki:

    Es gibt nichts Antidemokratischeres und Idiotischeres als Protestmärsche von Minderheiten, die ihre Interessen an den,der ganzen Oeffentlicheit zur Verfügung stehenden demokratischen Prozesse, vorbeizuschleusen versuchen.
    Gerade junge Stundenten sollten sich zuerst einmal mit dem 1×1 gesellschaftlicher und politischer Prozesse auseinandersetzen und in erster Linie zuerst einmal deren ganzes Potential ausschöpfen, statt nur dumm und blöd für eine fixe Idee anderen auf der Strasse hinterherzulatschen!

  266. Erkan dedi ki:

    Defne goverment didn’t do good at public relations in this event, you are right. But this sentence is fully wrong: “people who did not belong to any specific organization or ideology “. Because; CHP, political party was there, DHPC was there, ‘Devrimci Halk Cephesi’ was there, and other communist groups were there. Why burned everything there. On twitter many lies whispered, like 500 people dead at taksim and so many others…, we are not deaf and blind Defne; your blog shows that how patriotic you are?!!

  267. Anonim dedi ki:

    and this country wants to belong to the european community??

    • Stella Blue dedi ki:

      So why not, just another State with a corrupt government, a violent police force and restricted human rights. I think most states in EU have more or less similar problems…

  268. Geri bildirim: Ce se întâmplă în Istanbul - Fără Supărare

  269. Anonim dedi ki:

    Damn police state ! POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  270. Anonim dedi ki:

    I don’t think you’re complaining about your country. I read that and thought, “The Turks are awesome!” What an inspiration you all are. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  271. Jeniffer Freire dedi ki:

    Thank you so much for the letter! I am from Brazil, and I am shocked about what happening there. Keep us updated!

  272. Elena dedi ki:

    It has been broadcasted today on Spanish TV but I’m even more glad to read it from the place where it’s going on. It’s a matter of rights, I fully agree. Some Governments should already support Turkish people and condemn what’s currently happening there. Many Spanish people like me are already spreading your word on Facebook. All our support from the other side of the Mediterranean 🙂

  273. Henio Hoyo dedi ki:

    Hi Sumandef,
    I started a petition at change.org to demand to stop the repression at Taksim. People start singning it but we need many, many more to call international attention about this.
    It is at http://www.change.org/petitions/turkish-government-stop-the-repression-in-taksim-square-and-the-destruction-of-gezi-park#
    Could you check it and, if you agree with it, please promote it in your blog?
    Thank you very much in advance!

  274. Carol Murchie dedi ki:

    I re-posted this on my Facebook page with this wish: May the people of Turkey prevail over the attempt to hijack their country by a small interest group, and may we learn from it before it’s too late for us. The conditions you describe could almost be recognizable as what I see happening here in America only too many Americans would rather be entertained than informed. Courage to you all!

  275. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’m not able to assess if the activities of turkey people is right. But I’m able to assess that the act of the state against the people is not right at all.

  276. Steven dedi ki:

    No matter if this fails – I don’t remember a nation standing up to corporation. This is huge. V for the park in Istanbul! And, yes, you can always boycott the evil empire’s palace if it will ever be errected.

  277. Geri bildirim: It’s about Democracy! | Rayn@'s Spot

  278. Ingeborg Hilmes dedi ki:

    I thank you for this text. I have everything translated into German by using Google to inform my friends and others in Germany and have made ​​everything with a reference to your blog on my Facebook page. I shared on my FB page about the protests and demonstrations in Turkey and in Germany in the last days many articles. I called in German language to translate your text in multiple languages ​​and redistribute. Together we are strong. Greetings from Germany to the brave people of Turkey and the many locations in our world, in the same wrong happens, like in your country. Ingeborg Hilmes

  279. Anonim dedi ki:

    Puerto Rico se une a tu reclamo.

  280. Lily Art dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Lily Art.

  281. Ingeborg Hilmes dedi ki:

    Der ins Deutsche übersetzte Text:
    Was passiert gerade in Istanbul?
    Veröffentlicht am 01/06/2013

    Für meine Freunde, die außerhalb der Türkei leben:

    Ich schreibe, um Ihnen mitzuteilen, was los ist in Istanbul in den letzten fünf Tage. Ich persönlich schreibe das, weil die meisten Medien-Quellen von der Regierung geschlossen werden und die Mundpropaganda und das Internet als einzige Möglichkeiten für uns gelassen werden um uns zu erklären, und ich rufe Sie um Hilfe und Unterstützung an.

    Vor vier Tagen traf sich eine Gruppe von Menschen, die nicht einer bestimmten Organisation oder Ideologie angehören in Istanbul im Gezi- Park. Unter ihnen waren viele meiner Freunde und Schüler. Ihre Begründung war einfach: Um es zu verhindern und zu protestieren gegen den bevorstehenden Abriss des Parks zum Wohle noch eines weiteren anderen Einkaufszentrum im Zentrum der Stadt. Es gibt zahlreiche Einkaufszentren in Istanbul, mindestens eines in jeder Nachbarschaft! Das Niederreißen der Bäume sollte beginnen am frühen Donnerstagmorgen. Die Menschen gingen in den Park mit ihren Decken, Büchern und Kindern. Sie haben ihre Zelte abgebaut und verbrachten die Nacht unter den Bäumen. Früh am Morgen, als die Bulldozer kamen und damit begannen um die hundert Jahre alten Bäume aus dem Boden zu ziehen, standen sie gegen sie, um den Betrieb zu stoppen.

    Sie taten nichts anderes, als vor den Maschinen zu stehen.

    Keine Zeitung, kein Fernsehsender waren da, um den Protest zu berichten. Es war ein kompletter Medien-Black out.

    Aber die Polizei kam mit Wasserwerfern und Pfefferspray Fahrzeugen. Sie jagten die Massen aus dem Park heraus.

    Am Abend wurde die Zahl der Demonstranten vervielfacht. So stieg auch die Zahl der Polizeikräfte rund um den Park. Inzwischen hat Lokalregierung Istanbul alle Möglichkeiten heruntergefahren zum Gezi-Park zu gelangen bis zum Taksim-Platz, wo sich der Gezi- Park befindet. Die U-Bahn wurde geschlossen, Fähren wurden abgesagt, Straßen wurden blockiert.

    Doch mehr und mehr Menschen gingen ihren Weg bis zur Mitte der Stadt zu Fuß.

    Sie kamen aus ganz Istanbul. Sie kamen aus vielen verschiedenen Hintergründen, unterschiedlichen Ideologien, Religionen. Sie alle versammelten sich, um den Abriss, der etwas größer als der Park werden sollte zu verhindern:

    Das Recht, als ehrenwerte Bürger dieses Landes zu leben.

    Sie versammelten sich und marschierten gemeinsam. Die Polizei jagte sie mit Pfefferspray und Tränengas und fuhr mit ihren Panzern über Menschen, die der Polizei Essen im Gegenzug angeboten hatten. Zwei junge Leute wurden von den Panzern überfahren und getötet. Eine andere junge Frau, eine Freundin von mir, wurde am Kopf von einem der eingehenden Tränengasgranaten getroffen. Die Polizei schoss sie direkt in die Menge. Nach einer dreistündigen Operation ist sie immer noch auf der Intensivstation und in einem sehr kritischen Zustand. Während ich dies schreibe, wissen wir nicht, ob sie gehen wird, um es zu machen. Dieser Blog ist ihr gewidmet.

    Diese Leute sind meine Freunde. Sie sind meine Studenten, meine Verwandten. Sie haben keine «hidden agenda» wie der Staat zu sagen pflegt. Ihre Agenda ist draußen. Es ist sehr klar. Das ganze Land wird an Unternehmen von der Regierung verkauft, für den Bau von Einkaufszentren, Luxus-Eigentumswohnungen, Autobahnen, Staudämmen und Atomkraftwerken. Die Regierung sucht (und die Schaffung von Gründen, wenn nötig) eine Entschuldigung nach Syrien um gegen deren Willen die Menschen anzugreifen.

    Am Anfang von allem, hat die Regierung die Kontrolle über das persönliche Leben der Menschen übernommen, was später unerträglich wurde. Der Staat hat unter der konservativen Agenda viele Gesetze und Vorschriften in Bezug auf Abtreibung, Kaiserschnittgeburten, Verkauf und Konsum von Alkohol und sogar die Farbe des Lippenstifts, welcher von den Stewardessen getragen wird, geregelt.

    Menschen, die zum Zentrum von Istanbul marschieren fordern ihr Recht, frei zu leben und n Gerechtigkeit zu empfangen, den Schutz und Respekt des Staates. Sie fordern an dem Entscheidungsprozess über die Stadt, in der sie leben beteiligt zu sein.

    Was sie stattdessen erhielten ist übermäßige Kraft und enorme Mengen von Tränengas, das direkt in ihre Gesichter geschossen wurde. Drei Menschen verloren ihre Augen.

    Doch sie marschieren noch. Hunderttausende schließen sich ihnen an. Mehrere paar Tausend bestanden die Bosporus-Brücke zu Fuß, um die Menschen von Taksim zu unterstützen.

    Keine Zeitung oder TV-Kanal waren da, um die Ereignisse zu berichten. Sie waren mit Rundfunk- Nachrichten beschäftigt um über Miss Türkei und “die seltsamste Katze der Welt” zu berichten.

    Die Polizei jagte Menschen und besprühte sie mit Pfefferspray in einem Ausmaß, dass streunende Hunde und Katzen vergiftet wurden und starben.

    Schulen, Krankenhäuser und sogar 5-Sterne-Hotels rund um den Taksim-Platz hatten ihre Türen geöffnet, um den Verletzten zu helfen. Ärzte füllten die Klassenzimmer und Hotelzimmer um Erste Hilfe zu leisten. Einige Polizisten weigerten sich, unschuldige Menschen mit Tränengas zu besprühen und beendeten ihre Arbeitsplätze. Rund um den Platz stellten sie Störsender, um Internet-Verbindung zu verhindern und 3G-Netze wurden blockiert. Bewohner und Unternehmen in der Umgebung stellten kostenlos drahtlose Netzwerke für die Menschen auf den Straßen. Restaurants boten Speisen und Wasser kostenlos an.

    Menschen in Ankara und Izmir versammelten sich auf den Straßen, um den Widerstand in Istanbul zu unterstützen.
    Mainstream Medien sind gehalten Fräulein Türkei und “die seltsamste Katze der Welt” zu senden.


    Ich schreibe diesen Brief, damit du weißt, was los ist in Istanbul. Massenmedien sagen es Ihnen nicht, nichts davon. Nicht in meinem Land zumindest. Bitte senden Sie so viele Artikel, wie Sie auf dem Internet sehen um das Wort zu verbreiten.

    Wie ich im Beitrag und Artikel, darüber was in Istanbul passierte auf meiner Facebook-Seite erklärte gestern Abend, stellte mir jemand die folgende Frage:

    «Was machst du in der Hoffnung, dadurch Ausländer zu gewinnen, die sich für unser Land interessieren?»

    Dieser Blog ist meine Antwort darauf.

    Durch so genannten «klagen» über mein Land, ich hoffe zu gewinnen:

    Freiheit der Meinungsäußerung und Rede,

    Die Achtung der Menschenrechte,

    Kontrolle über die Entscheidungen, die ich mache in und über meinen Körper,

    Das Recht auf legale Versammlung in jedem Teil der Stadt, ohne als ein Terrorist zu gelten.

    Aber vor allem durch die Verbreitung des Wortes zu euch, meine Freunde, die in anderen Teilen der Welt leben. Ich hoffe, Ihr Bewusstsein zu stärken zur Unterstützung und Hilfe!

    Bitte das Wort verbreiten und teilen Sie diesen Blog.


    Für weitere Informationen und Dinge, die Sie tun können, um Hilfe zu finden Amnesty International dringend zur Hilfe aufrufen.

  282. Andy dedi ki:

    Reblogging this – great article and so sorry to hear about this awful mess. The government has no right to be so harsh – Turkish people need to find out who are the people with the vested interests pulling the strings, and remove them from politics. Turkey has come so far, don’t let it turn back now!

  283. kizzbeth dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m not hearing nearly enough about this in the US media and this helped me to understand so I can search out more information. Please be careful.

  284. Rayna Tzvetkova dedi ki:

    It is so sad what is going on. Thumbs up for you, Guys – http://tzvetkova.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/its-about-democracy/

  285. johnvanroekel dedi ki:

    For what it’s worth, I have been following what is happening in Istanbul via American network news, and this description seems to match what has been described by them. And it has been treated as a significant story. So the good news is that this story is getting out, despite the Turkish government’s attempts to suppress it.

  286. Ruthi dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Solidarity from the UK!

  287. Anonim dedi ki:

    Shared! On my fanpage and personal. If you want to comment go to http://www.facebook.com/daintydollofficial
    I feel for you. The world is a mess!

  288. Victoria Ground dedi ki:

    You have my support and I’ll continue to report your plight to others around the World until justice, your human rights and freedom of speech is recognised by your Government and is received by you and your fellow countrymen/women… God Bless you all

  289. Anonim dedi ki:

    Keep blogging. Thank your for helping inform the outside world of what’s happening in your city, your country. I hope your friend makes a full recovery! And to the others who are brave enough to stand up against police knowing of possible injury, arrest, death…for what they believe in. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, to peacefully demonstrate: courge to you, the world is watching and our hearts are with you!!

    p.s. to the ignorant comment from Alison Burgers diyor ki:
    I don’t agree with your view, but because of freedom of speech, you have the right and the opportuniy to post your comment here, as no law prohibits it. But perhaps there will be a law made without your knowledge or any political debate, to take that right away from you, to silence your opinion, your ability to share your view, however misinformed it may be.

  290. Anonim dedi ki:

    Hi I live in London, I am British but I go to Istanbul frequently on business. You should know that your so called President is on the international news trying to make out that these protests are being back by his political opposition and that the protestors are a minority of the people. He is taking no responsibility for his actions and is acting like the dictator he is. Istanbul is a modern city, we support you in keeping it that way, everyone in London I spoke to knows it is not about a shopping mall but about ridding yourselves of an Islamic fundamentalist dictator. Get rid of him and his party once and for all and allow Turkey to to its place in the world as a great nation. Otherwise look to your neighbours Syria and Iraq for a glimpse of the future. We all are supporting you here, we know you can do it. Keep Turkey free and secular!

  291. Ovidiu dedi ki:

    Thank you for this blog! It is good to know information that media fails (or doesn’t want) to share. Keep strong and fight for your rights!

  292. Marfa dedi ki:

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    Какво става всъщност в Истанбул – мнение на очевидец

  293. Ovidiu dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on La colţu' străzii and commented:
    Ce se întâmplă în Istanbul. Despre un parc, dar mai ales despre drepturi și libertăți. Și puțin despre cea mai ciudată pisică din lume.

  294. Anonim dedi ki:

    je vous soutiens! mes pensées vont à vous tous qui luttaient pour ce parc mais surtout pour nos droits, nos libertés et les quelques espaces verts qu’ils restent dans nos villes remplies de béton!!!
    Je suis française et je suis venue dans votre pays, il y a un mois pour m’aérer et retrouver une amie étudiante! J’ai apprécié la Turquie et son peuple, et j’espère que vous résisterez car Mr Erdogan ne veut pas stopper le projet du centre commercial !
    Je me joins à vous ! Restons et vivons libres !!!!!!!!!

  295. Anonim dedi ki:

    this is what BBC says today (2nd June 2013):


  296. UK dedi ki:

    We have holidayed in Turkey for 15years and love your country and its people, so sad to see such wonderful people suppressed by, your police and military. parks and open spaces are so important, especially in the cities, we hope peace returns to you all, and your government listens to its people.

  297. Anonim dedi ki:

    let people live in peaceful and healthy environment with less polution as much as possible

  298. Anonim dedi ki:

    Whoa! I was just in Istanbul the end of April. There were already restless crowds in Taksim Square. Walked through the beautiful park. I noticed all throughout turkey there were many high rise apartment buildings seemingly in the middle of nowhere! And I wondered why! Where were the older homes and small farms? I wondered if this was forced resettlement. So sad! Such a beautiful city! Such a beautiful country! Friendly, wonderful people!! I will repost and spread the news!

  299. Mark Thien dedi ki:

    This is also what happening in Malaysia as the fucking government there practicing motherfucking dictatorship !

  300. Gema dedi ki:

    Big thanks to share this. It has been a surprised to me to see what’s happening. I’ve been shocked by these news!!!
    I’m on the one hand happy to see people fighting this way, ashamed because I’m not doing anything at all to do any change, and at the same time worried about what will happen after this in Turkey.
    Maybe the person who asked about what were you gainging telling to foreigners… I have two answers (sure many more): The first one is that you contribute to all the people’s right to be informed (independently of their origin, conditions, etc. And the second one is the fact that this kind of event contributes to be conscious that we share many similar problems and concerns in our societies, regardless of the geographical place, historical background… and despite the many differences we surely can find. The fact is what we have in common. When Egypt protests were seen in European countries many people who had an sterotyped idea of Egypt (among other countries) , had a new input for their configuration of this stereotype. And it didn’t fit with it! Seeing how people were fighting for their rights no matter the risks left we impressed as I haven’t seen anything similar (not at this level) in my country. And I’ve thought about this again, and I know that deeply most of the people who saw that felt they weren’t that different from the Egyptian society in many aspects. And again, somehow many felt ashamed they were not doing anything to change their countries as Egytians and manyy others were doing. Now I feel similar when reading what’s going on in Turkey. I’m happy and sad at the same time: protests show people demanding change and participation in society but the reaction will be violent for sure… What do you think will happen from now on?

  301. Ken Curtis dedi ki:

    I am an American who lived in Turkey for 4 years and am now currently residing in France where this news is being broadcast by Aljazeera – English and France24 in English. There is mention on these news networks that the Turkish media are being very quiet and not broadcasting about the demonstrations. Prime Minisiter Erdogan has done a commendable job for the Turkish economy, but seems to have an agenda when it comes to the secular nature of the country that Ataturk so brilliantly established – bringing the Republic of Turkey into the modern age. Much of Erdogan’s agenda seems targeted at eastern Turkey voters who are more conservative and religious and towards gaining respect and clout from Arab countries. This is a wake-up call for the Prime Minister and I do hope that he opens his eyes and sees and opens his ears and hears what a broad spectrum of the Turkish population are conveying to him. The Turkish people are far too smart and proud to have a politician hoist his own personal agenda on them. Good on you Turks!

  302. gaiamethod dedi ki:

    I am living in Egypt and the Egyptian gov tv channels did exactly the same thing, they put on lovely quiet pictures of Cairo and lovely cooking programs, but showed nothing of what was really happening during the revolutiuon.
    Interesting too now, as they report on happenings in istanbul the media are claiming that the riots began over the laws concerning alcohol. They omitted to mention the park, the trees, the lipstick, the predominently women’s issues and control over women’s bodies!!! naturally they wouldn’t mention any of that! In a predominantly Muslim country with an ‘Islamic’ government it is hardly surprising!
    Reposting too on gaiamethod.wordpress.com. Well done for your article.

  303. Rabih AMHAZ dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on BiKaffe.

  304. Sónia Ramalho dedi ki:

    I’m portuguese living in Portugal and we also saw it on the news yesterday. The international community is aware of what is happening in your country, so don’t worry to be misunderstood, because we know your reasons and what the police did, how they did it. I only wish we could do something else other than be sorry. They said on the news that 2 people were killed and that were more than 100 injured. Capitalism really sucks!

  305. gaiamethod dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Gaia Method and commented:
    Egyptian media are only stating that all the problems in Istanbul are because of the sale of alcohol!!! Morsi is a supporter of the Turkish government after all!!!!

  306. elush dedi ki:

    the world /people are waking up to the reality , there are people that wants us to be their slaves, to live and work hard for their welt. what happens in Istanbul its just the beginning ..but soon they will create war to frighten us and make us forget and go back to sleep..economical crisis made by them , the people that toke (and still taking ) our money to pay on their expensive trips,clothes, cars etc. ahh, yes in Istanbul probably the money for constructing the shopping mall was the same money that the citizens gave as taxes and all kind of stupid payments .
    dark against light
    its time to wake up and live ,live life different, spread love and kindness to all men kind
    you are not ships , start behaving like human , respect yourselves and your basic needs to live good,free, happy and healthy

  307. Anonim dedi ki:

    Much support to you and your friend and family. I am holding you in the light today.

  308. Anonim dedi ki:

    Retweeted and shared on all my FB pages. Wish you luck!

  309. Arzu dedi ki:

    thank you Defne, much needed info:) eline sağlık

  310. Anonim dedi ki:

    it’s incredibel!!!

  311. Wolke dedi ki:

    Thank you for posting this. Be asured to have full solidarity from Germany! We are with you in our hearts and thoughts. Two and a half years ago I witnessed the same in Stuttgart where thousands tried to protect our several hundred year old park, Schlossgarten, from being demolished for a completely unnecessary trainstation. Police came by the thousands and they brought water canons, batons and teargas. One man lost his eyesight, hundreds were injured, even children, all of us are traumatized. The trees are gone. Trees that were like grandfathers and grandmothers to us, shredded in a matter of hours. My heart is still bleeding. I pray you will succeed even at that terrible toll you are paying with your health and your lives.

  312. jabba dedi ki:

    Big respect for you guys from a german fella who chilled in that park several years ago. It really is important to stand against government sometimes, so sad though about the many badly injured people who protested peacefully. But i believe there will be many more situations like this all over europe in the next years too…

  313. Geri bildirim: » What is Happenning in Istanbul? | İnsanlik Hali Reblog

  314. roxanahannah dedi ki:

    Dear Friends,
    I’m 1/2 Turkish. I grew up in Ankara and Izmir. My cousins and favorite friends live in Istanbul. Some of the best summers and best years of my life come from my years in Turkey. The people are the kindest, most generous and warmest people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to go back to see my uncles, cousins and my mother’s country. I can’t wait to eat the food and swim in the beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean ocean. I can’t wait to hang out in Istanbul & the summer town of Cesme with my friends and stay up til the wee hours in the nightclubs like we used to when we were 18. lol good times, good times.
    It’s painful to see the political right oppress the super cool westernized country that so many don’t understand. Turkey is a peaceful nation. Turkey is a our ally – we need them as a bridge to the Middle East. In the southern city of Adana is one of the largest, most secure US military bases that our Air Force heavily relies on. We are friends with the Turks.
    Turkey is a secular country. Jews, Muslims, Christians – all grow up together, side by side without issue. It also has become ruled by a much more conservative Prime Minister. The country has become more and more commercialized since I was last there in ’89 and this article best describes what is going on of late.
    The best I can do in support of my friends and family and peaceful, secular, western way of Istanbul life from my comfortable home outside of Portland is help spread the word and ask you for a Tweet, an article or a share of this since their Prime Minister and government of today is blocking the media.
    I fear for the future of this beautiful country. It’s important for the US that this country stays secular and that the people have the freedom to express their rights without the brutality of government.
    Please take 2 minutes and read this article. It’s one of the most clear descriptions of what is truly happening there today.
    ~ Roxana Hannah
    Turkiye: seni cok seviyorum

  315. Charles Lambert dedi ki:

    Thank you for posting this information. I’ve shared it on Facebook. My thoughts are with you.

  316. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’m an American student studying in Chile, where massive repression and violence on the part of the military police force against popular (and peaceful) demonstrations has become the norm. Love and support to the cause you and your fellow citizens are fighting for – this is a global fight against the corporate force which has taken over the policies of many nations around the world, favoring the interests of unbridled “economic growth” over the interests of the people. Reblogging on http://rosesofthesolitarysea.tumblr.com, which documents my time here in Chile.

  317. Anonim dedi ki:

    I have seen this before !! in Genoa 2001 at the G8 summit !! Molatovs going over my head the air thick with tear gas and thousands of people on the streets with a minority police holding all the cards !! I missed the diaz school by about 5 minutes and was supposed to spend the night there fortunately I had an extra beer and prevented myself from spending the night in Hospital !!! In that time the Italian Newspapers were owned by Belusconi and we were called vandals and hooligans and it took 10 years to prove that the Calibenieri (sp) had specific orders to attack !! The papers here are reporting that Istanbul is “violent demonstrators” whilst showing a man throwing a brick in a football t-shirt again the suggestion is hooliganism. However whilst being united against what we do NOT want it is more difficult to be united FOR what we want so even with the fall of a corrupt government a majority at an election may be difficult to achieve legitimacy. Hasta la siempre victoria comrade !!

  318. Anonim dedi ki:

    If government sold country to corpos, there wouldn’t be production – look at Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia – industry has been ruined, science is dying, the youth are more and more stupid.
    Why CNN, which is left-side TV, is showing socialists, LGBT activists and other lefties? This is opposition? For God’s sake, don’t kill me. I am sad, what’s been ongoing in Turkey recently.
    I hope this country will find it’s way on this crossroad. Cross fingers.

  319. Anonim dedi ki:

    yazinin basindaki resim maraton kosusundan.. yalan, yanlis haberler fotograflar yayilmakta. dikkatli olalim. resimi degistirebilirseniz memnun olurum.

  320. Anonim dedi ki:

    People of Turkey, you are full supported from Montenegro!

  321. the bobster!! dedi ki:

    I have seen this before !! in Genoa 2001 at the G8 summit !! Molatovs going over my head the air thick with tear gas and thousands of people on the streets with a minority police holding all the cards !! I missed the diaz school by about 5 minutes and was supposed to spend the night there fortunately I had an extra beer and prevented myself from spending the night in Hospital !!! In that time the Italian Newspapers were owned by Belusconi and we were called vandals and hooligans and it took 10 years to prove that the Calibenieri (sp) had specific orders to attack !! The papers here are reporting that Istanbul is “violent demonstrators” whilst showing a man throwing a brick in a football t-shirt again the suggestion is hooliganism. However whilst being united against what we do NOT want it is more difficult to be united FOR what we want so even with the fall of a corrupt government a majority at an election may be difficult to achieve legitimacy. Hasta la siempre victoria comrade !!

  322. Anonim dedi ki:

    You have my support my bothers and sisters. From the UK.

  323. padraigoconnor dedi ki:

    Thanks for writing the article. I’m going to share it with my friends here in Madrid.

  324. Filip Vasilev dedi ki:

    Can you elaborate on the proposed alcohol law. From what I read it seems a total spin because even if the proposed restrictions get accepted it would be waaaaay more liberal than in many western countries. Do you know that in canada you cannot drink in public areas and that in Ontario only one company retails alcohol and that they are never open after 10PM?

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      That’s the same law in UK. No alcohol off sales after 10pm any day. Also most cities ban drinking in public also.

  325. beautifulfrolic dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on all things new and commented:
    Things like this are so difficult.

  326. jible dedi ki:

    I got this blog from La Vie Et La Danse. I was shocked and saddened to read it and think others should be aware of what is happening in Turkey.

  327. Anonim dedi ki:

    be strong we will post pass it on!!! you are not alone

  328. Jove Belle dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Jove Belle and commented:
    Everyone needs to read this.

  329. Anonim dedi ki:

    Respect to the protesters for the pain and discomfort they endure for their righteous principles.

  330. Anonim dedi ki:

    So … who won Miss Turkey?

  331. Sarah Jones dedi ki:

    Thank you- reposting on facebook. Anything else in English would be helpful. Bing’s translation on facebook is comically incorrect and I’m bugging my husband with translations. Albuquerque supports Turkiye!

  332. Anonim dedi ki:

    I am from Colombia, I am sadden by the situation in Turkey since in there is here also a lot of misinformation and deliverated ignorance by the media. They often refuse to show what is truly relevant for the country and what people deserve to know as citizens. I will have your country and your people in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the claim for your rights, its a fight worth fighting for.

  333. Author Ingrid Hall dedi ki:

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  334. Anonim dedi ki:

    That is a big Lie
    Some idiot people are being mislead by some bad purposed group, to make a chaos and so called “Arab-spring” in Turkey as well.

    You can get all of the news from ANY media channel in Turkey, some of them are exaggerating, some of them are making it small news, but you can get all the news.

    Those bad intended groups/organizations are trying to manipulate sensitive Turkish Local People.

    Have some common sense, and do NOT be a tool for those organizations intention…

  335. Anonim dedi ki:

    You are wise people to protest, but you can’t win this battle – they have means to force you out of this place as you see. Don’t be ashamed, that you will allow this shopping mall to be built. Your failure will be, when you will go to this place when it will be there already opened.
    LET THEM BUILD IT. AND LET THEM GO BANKRUPT ONCE THEY INVEST THEIR MONEY. Remember your current attitude later on, when shops will be opened. That will hurt them more than it hurts you now.

  336. P.H.Davies dedi ki:

    I long for a day when we can dismantle governments and live more freely. So much is done in our names that we do not want and our freedoms are curtailed by people who have no right to do so. I long for self-government and the right for people do what they want – free speech and free action – without hurt or hate. I am troubled by the thought that this will never happen!

  337. hannahjudson dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on muse news.

  338. ... dedi ki:

    How can a person go to street playing a cooker for a few trees?! I never accept people to kill their humanity. There should be a better way to tell problems… We are not children. When people were killed, when people weren’t taken to university because of their belief, none of the “environment people” cared about them. Now, they are killing themselves for a few trees… People or tree… Choose… Really funny… Why don’t they come off the street for foundlings, for freedom of believes, for the people who are killing in Palestine, Syria or somewhere else… Come on people, tree… Don’t believe… We don’t live like them in Turkey… They are a strange group… If we give importance to humanity, noone will cut trees… I can’t believe that we had to compare people and trees…
    In Europe people think more, do less. However, It doesn’t work in Turkey nowadays… Some people don’t think, don’t try a peacefull way to figure out problems… Of course, there are a lot of reasons in this situation. If you look Turkey in your life, it will be more difficult to understand. I wish they didn’t kill the trees, but I wish people could have conscience, too. It will repair our heart and life, also our PARKS (!)

  339. Anonim dedi ki:

    Dear people from Istanbul, keep on fighting for your town and your ideals. Your voices need to be heard. Istanbul is such a beatiful city and you have to preserve it.
    I am sharing this blog.

  340. Geri bildirim: ‘You can vote, what more do you want?!’ | Amila Bosnae

  341. interl0per dedi ki:

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    Turkey & totalitarianism control of our world. Please read this

  342. Anonim dedi ki:

    How can governments like Turkey and the US pretend to embrace democracy when they see nothing wrong with taking public property for self-serving private interests and then create a military state to protect their actions? Capitalism continues to strip American’s of basic rights while our government continues to interfere with other countries right to self determined governments. A united people is essential to prevent tyranny, stay strong!

  343. cheshire93 dedi ki:

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    I was in Istanbul a week ago visiting friends and I just fell in love with the city. I’m so sorry to hear now of the terrible things that are happening there. My thoughts are with the Turkish people.

  344. Anonim dedi ki:

    Human rights is a made up political word. It’s time you and the rest of the blind world realize that. Turkey chose its governing body and how it chose to be governed by that body. Now they are reaping it. Do you think the world stepped in to save surviving Germany when the Russians were moving in to Berlin? And do you know the atrocities the Russians committed there? My question is where we’re all of these protesters during the political meetings and permit committees that sought to rid this park from the area? Are you really not surprised by the world reaction or response? Globally, people seldom care unless it afflicts them directly and mostly in economical ways. Travel to the southern continent of Africa and the Congo regions and see first hand that human rights are made by force and the UN does nothing but oppress thoughts defending themselves. The U.S., Russia, China, and France flow massive amounts of weapons and ordinance to feed the slaughter and sit back to collect the profits and divide the spoils. A thousand people died today just by being in the wrong village or tribe. You cry for the two killed by their own police force, and while that is tragic, it pales in comparison to the murder and devastation going on just outside of Turkey and neighboring countries. Men seek death. And death is what they find.

  345. One dedi ki:

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    Had to post this one… THank You For Sharing Peace Full Freedom!

  346. Anonim dedi ki:

    jus reposted this link..all the way in Australia

  347. Anonim dedi ki:

    Reblogged to a few newspapers in Finland…

  348. To those saying foreign intervention won’t make a difference — no, perhaps government intervention will not but many, many uprisings and protests the world over have been helped by education of the world’s people by brave bloggers like Defne. Thank you, Defne, for writing this. I have a cousin living near the square and an acquaintance planning to go to Istanbul for a Pride Event, so I am very, very grateful for your post at a personal level. At a political level, the police attacks on the people of Istanbul for peaceful protest are WRONG. Anyone telling Defne to stay quiet should examine their own culpability. I wish you peace and safety and will do everything I can to get the word out and hopefully do more than that. I am a protester, an ACT UP member and I marched and protested with Occupy Wall Street. We are with you! — Jennifer

  349. I am a Puerto Rican living in Libya, information received through the media about what is happening in Istanbul has been very poor. I appreciate your interest in keeping us informed. Hopefully everything will be resolved and that this time capitalism not be the big winner. Someone commented that he does not know the importance of the park, I reply. The same basic and fundamental importance with all parks anywhere in the world, be a place of meeting and convergence, be a space of nature conservation, be just a outdoors space. Who’s doesn’t see the importance of this and all parks, is really lost. Again, thanks for sharing the information. All my solidarity with the citizens of Istanbul and All Turkey, for those who have the conviction and courage to stand up, speak out and fight for their rights. // ¡Saludos! Soy una puertorriqueña viviendo en Libia, ha sido muy poca la información que los medios noticiosos han transmitido sobre lo que está ocurriendo en Estambul. Agradezco tu interés en mantenernos informados. Esperemos que todo se resuelva y que esta vez el capitalismo no sea el gran vencedor. Alguien comentó que no sabía la importancia que tiene el parque, yo le contesto. La misma importancia básica y primordial que tienen todos los parques en cualquier parte del mundo; ser lugar de reunión y convergencia, ser un espacio de conservación de la naturaleza, ser precisamente un espacio al aire libre. El que no vea la importancia de este y de todos los parques, está realmente perdido. Una vez más, gracias por compartir la información. Toda mi solidaridad para con los ciudadanos de Estambul y toda Turquía que tienen la convicción y la valentía de levantarse, alzar la voz y luchar por sus derechos.

  350. Anonim dedi ki:

    I translated the gist of it in Italian and posted it on one of my social endeavor pages, https://www.facebook.com/mov.inpiedi… a group for socio-political-aparthitical activism in a small town in Sicily (32’000 inhabitants). We know something about useless building of shopping malls in Sicily, and human rights abuse sugar-coated to be forced down our throats via the glitzy Europe-Westernized society flavored funnel… Why do abusive politics, money laundering affairs, corrupt tactics work so well in Southern/Mediterranean countries, aren’t you curious to figure it out? This is a debate I am preoccupied with and have chosen to make the focus of Corallo Bianco, a small non profit org I founded to investigate interdisciplinary questions of social psychology, personal growth, communities, society and politics, Anyway, ready to tweet away now. Thank you for posting, courageously so.

  351. Geri bildirim: Ce se intampla in Istanbul? | Blog de cugetari filozofice

  352. Anonim dedi ki:

    I don’t feel that I need to apologize for the media in the U.S. Most people know how worthless it is.
    It’s people like you who keep us informed. We all do what we can!

  353. Anonim dedi ki:

    Just shared on my german Facebook-Account.

  354. WHarPL dedi ki:

    I’m reading this from Poland and am trying to understand what is happening. I gather that it isn’t about the park anymore. It’s about the bigger picture(?). Is there any way that we – people from other countries – can actually help you?

  355. Iman dedi ki:

    I am an Egyptian in the US and I will make sure to spread the word. Someday we will all get rid of Islamic radicalism and disrespect for hman rights. Power to the people.

  356. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thanks for sharing. I was really trying to find out what was happening there…i mean the reasons why… and everywhere the News seemed not to give any answers. I love Istanbul and surely there are enough shopping centers already!

  357. Mara dedi ki:

    Romania loves Turkey!!!We pray for you!

  358. Jürgen Roth dedi ki:

    You and the people who protests for Freedom of expression and speech and the fundamental
    respect for human rights have the solidarity of us here in Germany. On Saturday the Blockupy-demonstration shows also this solidarity. I am a german author and journalist, working about the situation in Turkey 20 years ago.

  359. Anonim dedi ki:

    I did see this reported on CNN yesterday – however – it is important to keep getting the word out about this protest. I believe that environmental issues should be the major focus of the 21 century – our children and grandchildren’s futures are at great peril.

  360. chancealberg dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Just Busy Being and commented:
    I have a dear friend from Turkey. This is for her…

  361. Salim dedi ki:

    Only four trees were supposed to be moved to another place, only four! It is not about building a shopping mall at all; it is about making that place pedestrian only as well as renovating a historical Ottoman building. Turkish news channels have been broadcasting live from Istanbul and Ankara from the beginning (I’m watching CNN Turk online). They report even rallies taking place in NY and London. This is not about four trees; this is about being against Tayyip Erdogan.

  362. Anonim dedi ki:

    It is sad to see a government turn on its people so easily and callously. I hope true change for the people is the result of the sacrifice paid by those who died.

  363. Gabriel Lavinsky dedi ki:

    my friend, this is happening everywhere
    here in brasil, country which will host the FIFA World Cup in 2014, in many cities, a process of
    “cleaning” the streets, sending away anyone or anything that does not represent any of the images capitalism throws everyday is going on: whores, beggars, hippies, artisans, artists, poor people. most of the citizens dont even care. the struggle here is clearly between public X private, and the question “what is public and what is private” has been, recently, a common and dangerous question. good for us, seeking some harmony in this world of constant transformation: at least, causes and reasons are being put under some light, questioned. we’re reaching the edge of capital, and what goes next is, for me, worth watching realy close. if everyone simply watch the stupidity of it all, see it clearly, there will be transformation. we don’t even have to act, beacause we (common citizens) are already acting, whenever we go to malls, banks, whenever we act as we do to sustain all this stupidity. we have to observe, understand, and choose a different action. in this struggle, we’ll need friends, not enemies. police are just like dogs. they do not think, they act as malls junkies, flowing with the waves of a nihilistic capitalism. there is no rest in this flow, no time to observe: its just repetition of conditioned acts.
    i could write all day about this, but i think i should start cleaning my house by now. i cant act globaly if i dont start localy, right?
    best regards, good luck to all of us, and remember: we’re all together, same boat
    a globalized hug from brasil!

    • Leo dedi ki:

      Great remark! This is NOT JUST ABOUT TURKEY guys! this is about demolishing environment for so called “development”, increasing social injustice, poverty, lack of freedom of expression, financial plunder etc. Thank you Turkish people for setting the example to the millions in the world for grassroots civil & peaceful change! STAY STRONG! KEEP YOUR CALM! UNITE! You need hold your breath to win this.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      I could NOT agree with you more!
      There ARE things that can be done, peacefully!
      We are being surpressed the world over and so is our knowledge and our values and our desires are being ignored by governments, councils and the like. Yet some still seem ignorant and others still believe in this “progress” capitalism is spreading. I am beginning to realise that in fact the biggest evils in all this world are GREED and APATHY! There is a small amount of people running this world and keeping us clueless slaves furthers whatever the hell it is they’re aiming for…
      and is it possible, Gabriel that you are wrong?
      We percieve that we individually can make a difference and it must begin locally but could this be a myth or an attitude irrelevant to the current global situation which we seem to be facing?
      Maybe the answer is not to be individuals-for that is where are always being pushed?
      So the opposite of these things then leads us where?

  364. Geri bildirim: Portal Informacyjny KMN » Rewolucja w Turcji (zaczeło się w parku)

  365. thedivinemiss dedi ki:

    I am listening and sharing your plight! From America I stand with you!

  366. Anonim dedi ki:

    Please know that CNN has been covering the situation here in the U.S. too. I wish you safety, strength and hope. I can see why you love your park! It reminds me of Central Park in New York. A beautiful place to enjoy the trees in the middle of the city. I’m so sorry, and I will share your message.

  367. Denise Groulx dedi ki:

    I am a canadian citizen from Quebec Province. Last year, our students and our people of all ranges of life demonstrated during more than 6 months protesting agains the raise in students loan, tuition etc. We also demonstrated against our government corruption. Therefore, I understand you point and I will share your blog on my facebook page and where ever I can post it. Take care. Please keep us informed.

  368. Anonim dedi ki:

    I translated it into Arabic and boradcasted it here in Egypt.. Good luck..

  369. steveaparr dedi ki:

    Wow thank you for sharing. I visited your beautiful city in 2001 and had no idea.

    Thank you and please keep writing.

    Steve Parr
    victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  370. thedivinemiss dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Simply Abundant and commented:
    Hey! You! Wake up! Listen! Apathy is lethal, please don’t turn a blind eye. We are all of one.

  371. Anonim dedi ki:

    are you protesters or are you citizens petitioning your government?

  372. steveaparr dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Steveaparr's Blog and commented:
    What is happening in Istanbul.

  373. eriktrips dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on blog@ eriktrips and commented:
    The deal in Istanbul:

  374. Geri bildirim: Is Turkey now about to blow? Serious disturbances in Taksim Square. Unrest spreads to Ankara - Page 32

  375. Anonim dedi ki:

    Thank you for sharing. Very well written and compelling. Will pass your word on. Keep your spirits up!
    Johanna, Sweden

  376. Anonim dedi ki:

    I guess the government has been corrupted. Money spoke. The balance of nature has yet again been destroyed. I hope your government opens their eyes. I’m sure there are still some honest politicians who have voice. I hope they fight for it.

  377. arthurnovello dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Segura O Novello.

  378. Anonim dedi ki:

  379. arrletty dedi ki:

    I’ll reblog !

  380. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’m sharing it too. I’m from Poland and I met few turkish girls during their study (Erasmus) here in Poland. They wanted freedom too 🙂

  381. salvuzz0 dedi ki:

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    Everybody with Istambul people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA51wyl-9IE

  382. crisps dedi ki:

    The price of freeadom, can be high….but worth it.

  383. froggychink dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Veni, Vidi, Vixi! and commented:
    A glimpse of what is happening in Istanbul from a citizen.

  384. Luana dedi ki:

    In Brazil we are passing through similar situations. I shared the link of your blog everywhere I could. I wish the best of luck for you and for all people in your country.

  385. Anonim dedi ki:

    Maybe it would be a good idea if we could translate this letter to other languages. I can do it to Spanish, if you need my help count on me.

  386. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’ve shared this link, as well as Amnesty’s as well as the link to various Turkish embassies worldwide. may God bless and keep you and yours until this nightmare is over.

  387. Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve been following the news through my local public radio in the US (I don’t bother with major media, but my public radio news is very good about covering things like this), and I’ve been deeply concerned. I only visited Turkey once, back in 1998, but I fell in love with the country and with Istanbul especially, and I’m gravely concerned by the government’s response to this amazing protest. Thank you for helping to spread the word!

  388. Sissel dedi ki:

    Love this post that i found on Facebook from my Norwegian friends. Can I repost this post from you to spread the word some more?

  389. Anonim dedi ki:

    Standing with you in spirit.

  390. scoobsz21 dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Paradox and commented:
    An very necessary read.

  391. jane dedi ki:

    The new laws and regulations concerning sale and use of alcohol is no different than UK or USA in Turkey now. The law states the beverages cant be sold between 10pm-5am. So, what is your concern?

  392. castellvecchio dedi ki:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  393. tranzmitta dedi ki:

    Hello, Alison Burgers? Who do you think are the real barbarians now?

  394. Anonim dedi ki:

    Just to clarify…

    Its the STATE that sold the park to corporations
    Its the STATE that is beating and killing its citizens
    Its the STATE that is RESTRICTING women’s freedom.
    Its the STATE that PREVENTS citizens ability to govern themselves

    …And you blame captialism?
    I do not think capitalism means what you think it means.

    • Anonim dedi ki:

      Capitalism=Corporate Fascism. A state run by the interests of corporations for the interest of corporations, using all means necessary to enforce corporate wishes.

      I think she knows exactly what it means, it’s you who are misinformed.

  395. Anonim dedi ki:

    Montreal is also behind you! We protested last year for our tuition and we won!

  396. krakendate dedi ki:

    Hat dies auf Krakendate rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Meanwhile in Istanbul:

  397. Anonim dedi ki:

    Be Strong Turkey! I support your fight for a better future without repression of ANY kind! You are not alone! Greetings from Switzerland

  398. Anonim dedi ki:

    Be careful and strong!

  399. D dedi ki:

    Yet they send flotillas against Israel who openly let’s citizens live in peace, march in gay pride parades and is one of the only country in the Middle East not being pepper sprayed and tear gassed by its own government.

    Keep it up

  400. Sissel dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Hayatim and commented:
    The world needs to know about what is going on in İstanbul and Turkey these days. Stand up, speak up! They may stop the media from exposing what is going on, but they can not stop us from spreading the word!!

  401. You will be pleased to hear that this is being reported on in the UK, for example http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/01/turkey-istanbul-erdogan-demo-protests

  402. Anonim dedi ki:

    Everyday in America, we enjoy the freedom to say what we want, and for the most part, do what we want. In many countries around the world, people don’t have that freedom. When they question it, their governments come down on them like a hammer. I’ve noticed the protests usually start when normal, free thinking people simply ask for the right to have rights. But when their governments use barbaric tactics to stifle their own people, a tipping point occurs where the masses chase away the unjust ruling party. What freaks me out is afterward, when that void is filled by hardcore religious extremists who are far more brutal than the regime which was chased away. I don’t know what the answer is, but it freaks me out a bit.
    I just read this blog, written by a woman in Turkey, explaining how simply trying to save some trees in a park, has their panicked government driving tanks over people and shooting women in the face with tear gas.
    When will we evolve as a species and learn to treat people with kindness?
    I’m going to listen to some John Lennon  and breakfast with the Beatles right about now.

  403. Thanks for the post Defne, this is post on Hacker News right now. http://news.ycombinator.com/ Means probably 1000 people are visiting this page every single minute right now! You made us proud with this blog post!

  404. msgypsy dedi ki:

    I am an American Jew. May the Creator of All Things smile upon the people of Turkey and stop the madness their government is forcing upon them. I weep for those lost and cheer for those who continue their good fight.

  405. Anonim dedi ki:

    You have not been ignored here in Brazil. Yesterday the TV news showed the protests. Good luck for you guys!

  406. Anonim dedi ki:

    Your fight, for the right of free speech, for the human rights, for you freedom is my fight. It is everyone’s fight, the fight against our own guvernments, wherever we may be.

    I wish you good luck in your fight, I know since 1990 what the brutality of police means (when the Romanian revolution against communists was lost).

  407. Rufaz dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Rufaz and commented:
    I think the world needs to see this.

  408. Bako Daniel dedi ki:

    Don’t you think there is something bigger after these protests: For example “someone” is creating these protests in order to destabilize the situation , to find a non existing enemy in Syria (or other countries in the area that has SHIA religion majority countries like Lebanon, Iran) and attack them?????
    I wish I am wrong and nothing bigger is going on!!!!

    • Jasmine dedi ki:

      Of course not… this is a movement by the people. If anything the government is trying their best to cover it up. So you might want to take off your conspiracy glasses and look at it as it is. You’re wrong.

      • Bako Daniel dedi ki:

        Yeah but Bashar is gaining more and more power after the help coming from hezbollah (from Lebanon) in the last week especially. Syria bought rockets from Russia three days ago, and also they (Syrian government) are negotiation with the Russian one to accelerate the transport to Syria new MIG airplanes. I see a link here but….
        Wasn’t Erdogan the one that 70% of Turkish people voted for him? Wasn’t him the one who helped the Turkish economy to grow extremely fast regarding other countries in the whole world in the last 2-3 years? Everything changed in 4 days? I doubt it!!!

  409. pagedesuie dedi ki:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  410. Fake chatcher dedi ki:

    Pictures are fake, this bridge picture was taken Avrasya marathone

  411. Anonim dedi ki:

    I have created a Life Event on FB with the link to your message. If this is not a Life Event, that is relevant to everybody, I do not know what is. Places for public peace, family and friends gathering…these sanctuaries are being destroyed, parks, forests, open places and spaces are being taken away.

    You are not alone, and you are in our thoughts and prayers, those of all humanity, those who care.

  412. Mihajlo dedi ki:

    Serbia stands along with Turkish people!

  413. 99kHz dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on 99kHz.

  414. Geri bildirim: Photo Of The Day - Page 117 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

  415. Ergun dedi ki:

    Just one comment: FUCK YOU and dont spread lies to the world. The park is only a unimportant reason that some people use to express their unsatisfaction. YOU ARE THE MINORITY. 3 elections showed that the people want this government. Please respect this democratic fact…

  416. Derp dedi ki:

    You faggots deserve to burn.

  417. birdwire dedi ki:

    Reblogged on birdwire.de
    Spread the word for Freedom of Speach and Freedom of Assembly!
    Respect for your courageous words and acting!

  418. http://pastebin.com/yG7MST7u – Internet for Turkey. Hope it works. Good luck. x

  419. iamoceansroar dedi ki:

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    For those that do not know what is happening in Turkey. Pass it on.

  420. bhaskarjems dedi ki:

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    This is it!The Damn Rebirth of Nazism (just like the Holocaust)

  421. sgtnausea dedi ki:

    I’m an Italian citizien. I knew something was happening in Turkey thanks to a small communist newspaper. I think almost no one else cared.
    Be strong.

  422. Anonim dedi ki:

    thank you for this post which i found to be very informative, and i will re-post it. good luck in your fight for freedom.

  423. mariela o. dedi ki:

    Wow! Buena suerte! Good luck!!

  424. Rumi dedi ki:

    How stupid and misinformed someone has to be to take this ‘blog’ for granted and believe to the word what it says.

    It’s a blatant lie that media in Turkey are not writing about protests.

    It’s a blatant lie that people were killed.

    It’s a blatant lie that the trees are being cut. They are all moved and replanted in another location in Istanbul.

    It’s a lie that a shopping mall is being built where the park is; a tunnel under the Taksim square is being built to finally solve the terrible trafic situation there.

    It’s a lie that the park is being destroyed; once the tunnel is built the park is going to be rebuilt and the whole area turned into a pedestrian zone, effectively extending the pedestrian Istiklal street.

    It’s a lie that the government ordered police’s reaction; police was reprimanded by the national government.

    It’s a lie that ‘islamic’ laws have been promulgated under the current government. Name one, I dare the author of this pamphlet! What exactly is ‘islamic’ and ‘traditional’ in the alcohol sale law? A typical manipulation with information!

    Whoever has half a brain and know just a little bit about Turkish politics and history knows that something like this never happens just like that. Green protesters? For four (4) trees left in the park? In Istanbul? A joke.

    You people better educate yourself, and read a little bit about the Ergenekon and powerful, essentially antidemocratic deep state in Turkey, and a bloody path they left behind during the past decades.

    These protests are just a part of the deep state’s effort to undermine and destabilize current government and provoke yet another coup, like they did many times before.

    Whoever naively re-blogs this cunning spin should know what are they supporting. The history of anti-democratic coups and deep state activities in Turkey is bloody and barbaric. Don’t be part of it!

    • reflectionoveranger dedi ki:

      All, please note, this is the mentality the protests are against and about. I thank this guy for putting everything in perspective.

  425. Figen dedi ki:

    Thankyou for this!!
    Turkey IS NOT ALONE!!
    We had our own protests in melbourne, sydney and perth today. STAY STRONG TURKIYE!

  426. abbylorenz dedi ki:

    thank you, i just started hearing that something was going on this morning, i appreciate information

  427. abbylorenz dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on mamasweets and commented:
    i think this is important, i’ve experienced what i consider constitutional violations here in the u.s. it’s happening all over.

  428. raul dedi ki:

    spain is with you people

  429. Geri bildirim: Megamag | L'actu 3.0

  430. julie dedi ki:

    Sounds like an average day in the US. Occupy protesters were treated that same. Good for the people of Turkey for standing up and showing the government who is boss! Keep the faith. Best wishes for your safety and victory from USA.

  431. Anonim dedi ki:

    Personally i cannot believe that all this massive protest is just about some trees and about the banning of alcohol consuming. In many articles, i ‘ve read that the Turkish army will defend the people of istanbul, if the police and the government continues to treat them like that. Strange ah? The army against the government? The whole thing is just a directed scenery to destabilize ths situation sto that Turkey attacks Syria

  432. Rana dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Virginia the Viruliferous and commented:
    Sahm has it all there. All I can hope is that we, as a people, not a government, not for politics or glory, just we as a people can come together and help these people stand against oppression. Please, everyone, reblog, talk, act, and end this.

  433. Jonatan Rastas dedi ki:

    Is there more I can do to support this than just share:ing?

  434. CC dedi ki:

    ROMANIA IS WITH YOU. Your post is in the newspapers ! I am sure that all normal Romanians will share your thoughts and everybody will know the truth. Good luck further and keep the lemons close

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” – Mark Twain

  435. Nikolay Sisoev dedi ki:

    Stay strong, Balkan brothers and sisters.
    Bulgaria is with you.

  436. abc motivo dedi ki:

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  437. C.O dedi ki:

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    This can not be ignored. We stand together!

  438. Anonim dedi ki:

    Know this. I’m not from turkey, not muslim, and I am very very far away, but you message got here in south america and to me you guys are heroes already. You guys are expressing the dispear of an opressed people. It turned into to courage to face the opressor above all risks. The most impressive is that the population is, to some point, supporting and joining the protest that is scaling to something much higher than the park. To make the people’s will!
    I DREAM with the day people from my country will have the courage to do the same. We don’t have as much law opression, but have corruption and ilegal operations from the powerful in the same measure. For this you guys are already heroes and examples.
    May the people’s will be made!
    My heart is with you all!

  439. electricbohemian dedi ki:

    Good Luck, We are on your side, everyone has the right to make decisions, make a stand keep writing about it. I will share this.. The most important thing is that we all know what is happening and that is out there in the world. Each country needs to stand up to its government, really we should be able to make a law. The peoples law, one that a government cannot touch. Somehow all together we can work something out, because its the same story in every nation. Even if it might seem quite small to some people another shopping mall, it simply goes to show how corrupt a government is, cities where designed for the benefit and happiness of the people, that is why parks are there, because society cannot grow well and healthy if there is nowhere for people to go, people will lose their minds. We all know that shopping malls serve only one purpose to make money – to tempt people into buy things they don’t need. Local shops serve the purpose of the people and create social groups who can come together and certain times, talk to a familur face and buy what they need. I understand your plight and pray for you all. I wish I could do more but I’ll pass it on and on, so people know.

  440. Anonim dedi ki:

    i want to let you all know that we know what is happening to our brothers and sisters in turkey, we will continue posting and reposting this information so the whole world knows what the government and police are doing.
    be strong and our love and prayers be with you all.

  441. Arturo Arias dedi ki:

    It´s sad to see how the governments around the world protect the interests of corporations over the interests of their country and of the same people that trust them into directing the world to an harmonic and peaceful place as if they are just selling a piece of a cake. what is happening in Istanbul is just an example of the situation where something of public value is endangered by the decisions of lawmakers, who sometimes instead of looking after the well being of their citizens run for office to fill their pockets. what can be admired is the reaction of the the people in this case, totally different than in other parts of the world, here in Colombia a few months ago small farmers, a group of persons that besides providing organic food produced through their empiric knowledge and people loved through out the country for their humbleness and ancestral culture, protested against the politics that are driving them to misery by blocking an important road. The farmers resisted days, and although the situation was televised, and citizens around the entire country saw the abuses on the farmers by the police and armed forces, they received a detrimental support, as if they haven´t provided us with in my opinion the best, tastiest and cleanest aliments. Colombians limited to watch what was going on, as if sending the message that instead of organic, fresh and delicious food, we prefer transgenic, poisoned and infertile seed.
    I bend my head to the Turkish people for providing the planet with another example showing us around the world that we as a community need to work together and support each other as a community to veil and guard for our own well being and future.
    I have no doubts your efforts will grant you success on your intention, and from a small town in Colombia there is another walker for the park.


  442. Thaís Kayrserling ' dedi ki:

    Thanks for sharing this information. In my country (Brazil), the mass midia is hiding and manipulating information about what is happenning in Turkey; the only way we are able to know the reality of the situation is through internet (God bless the social networks!). My prayers are with the Turkish people, and I’ll share your blog on my FB/twitterpage.

  443. Anonim dedi ki:

    was this 6 months ago, or is the date convention “dd/mm/yyyy” ?

  444. Anonim dedi ki:

    Czech Republic fingers crossed for Turkey

  445. Rev. Dr. Marnie Rourke dedi ki:

    Thank you for letting the world know of Istanbul’s great sorrow and the horror in its streets. I lived in Washington DC during the late 60’s, so I know something about tear gas. But I also know about freedom and human rights, and will pray that all of Turkey and the many nation’s of the Middle East soon have first hand experiences of what those of us in the USA just take for granted. I will share this with others. I will also keep you in my prayers. Peace, Salaam, Shalom, may they all be included in the many blessings God wants to send your way.

  446. Geri bildirim: Dalla Turchia | A tutto Tondi

  447. avienadawn dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on Aviena.

  448. Anonim dedi ki:

    Posted it on fb, hope yor cause gets many more supporters. I too hope that that friend of yours (of this blogger) will make it through and that no other citizens will have to súffer injuries because they stand up to protect what’s theirs: their freedom.

  449. Anonim dedi ki:

    I am shocked and saddened to see that this is happening in Turkey, and in my beloved Istanbul! So much democratic progress over the years, only to be torn apart now! My heart and thoughts go out to all of you standing up for democracy and the park. I know it well, and think of it as an oasis of calm in the usually wonderful busy-ness of the city.
    Martine UK (ex Istanbul resident)

  450. Geri bildirim: What’s going on in Istanbul? | Simone Tulumello

  451. Imad dedi ki:

    Hayirli günler degerli Vatandaslarim ve Aziz milletim
    Son günlerde Taksim meydaninda gelisen gelismelerle ilgili bugün gereken aciklamayi yapmis bulunduk. Bu neticede siz degerli halkim, provakasyonlara gelmeyin. Oynanan oyunlari iyi anal…iz edin. Yapilmasi mübah görülen karanlik odaklarin ne yapmak istedikleri acik ve net ortadadir. Bu bir agac meselesi degil hükümeti yikma ve yipratma meselesidir. Bu tür olaylarda herkez akliselim bir sekilde davranilmasi gerekmektedir. Bu yaziyi gören ve okuyanlar lütfen paylassin bilenler bilmeyenlere anlatsin ve ulastirsin insallah. Hepinize hayirli günler diliorum ve sizleri en güzele emanet edioyrum. Allah yar ve yardimciniz olsun..

    • reflectionoveranger dedi ki:

      For those who can not read Turkish, this mentality is exactly what the protests are about.

  452. Geri bildirim: Tune of the week: Woodlock – Silver | Morgen wird Gestern.

  453. Vir dedi ki:

    Dear writer, I’ve translated by myself your text, which I think is really good, to Spanish, so we all can spread it at differents countries where people may can’t speak English. Thank you so much for your words, Spain is with you, brother and sister. STRENGTH, TURKEY REVOLUTION.

    “Escribo esto para daros a conocer lo que ha estado sucediendo en Estambul durante los últimos cinco días. Tengo que escribirlo personalmente porque la mayoría de los medios de información turcos han sido bloqueados por el gobierno y las únicas vías que nos quedan para contar nuestra versión y hacer un llamamiento de ayuda y apoyo son internet y el boca a boca.

    Hace cuatro días un grupo de personas no pertenecientes a ninguna organización o ideología concreta tomó el parque Gezi en Estambul. Había muchos amigos y alumnos míos entre ellos. La razón era simple: Impedir y protestar ante la inminente demolición del parque en beneficio de la construcción de un centro comercial más en pleno centro de la ciudad. Hay muchos centros comerciales en Estambul, como mínimo uno en cada barrio. El derribo de los árboles estaba previsto para el jueves por la mañana temprano. La gente se fue al parque con sus mantas, libros e hijos. Montaron las tiendas de campaña y pasaron la noche bajo los árboles. Por la mañana, cuando los bulldozers comenzaron a arrancar los árboles centenarios de la tierra, los manifestantes se levantaron contra ellos y los pararon.

    No hicieron nada más que quedarse de pie frente a las máquinas.

    Ni un periódico, ni un canal de televisión estuvo allí para cubrir la protesta. Fue un bloqueo mediático absoluto.

    Pero la policía llegó con sus coches con cañones de agua y gas pimienta y empujaron a la fuerza a la multitud fuera del parque.
    Por la tarde el número de manifestantes se multiplicó y así lo hizo también el número de efectivos policiales que rodeaban el parque. Mientras tanto el gobierno local de Estambul cerró todos los caminos para acceder a la plaza Taksim, que es donde está situado el parque Gezi. Se cerró el metro, se cancelaron ferris, se bloquearon las calles…
    Aún así más y más personas encontraron la forma de acceder al centro de la ciudad a pie.

    Vinieron de todas las partes de Estambul. De todos los escenarios, ideologías y religiones diferentes. Todos ellos se unieron para impedir la demolición de algo más importante que el parque:
    El derecho a vivir como ciudadanos honorables de este país.

    Se unieron y marcharon. La policía los enfrentó con gas pimienta y gas lacrimógeno y condujo sus tanques contra las mismas personas que les respondían ofreciéndoles comida.
    Dos jóvenes fueron perseguidos y asesinados por los tanques. Otra chica joven, una amiga mía, fue golpeada en la cabeza con una de las latas de gas pimienta lanzadas. La policía las disparaba directas a la multitud. Después de tres horas de operación ella todavía está en la Unidad de Tratamientos Intensivos en estado crítico. En el momento en que escribo esto no sabemos si va a sobrevivir. Este blog está dedicado a ella.
    Estas personas son mis amigos. Son mis alumnos, mis parientes. No tienen una motivación oculta como el Estado se empeña en decir. Sus motivaciones están ahí fuera. Están muy claras. El gobierno está vendiendo el país por completo a corporaciones para la construcción de centros comerciales, complejos de lujo, autovías, presas y plantas nucleares. El gobierno está buscando (y creando cuando es necesario) excusas para atacar Siria en contra de lo que su pueblo haría.
    Para culminar con todo esto, el control del gobierno sobre las vidas personales de la gente se ha vuelto insoportable últimamente. El Estado, bajo su agenda conservadora, ha aprobado muchas leyes y regulaciones sobre el aborto, el parto por cesárea, la venta y consumo del alcohol e incluso el color de pintalabios usado por las azafatas de las aerolíneas.
    La gente en las marchas hacia Estambul está reclamando su derecho a vivir libremente y recibir justicia, protección y respeto del Estado.

    Reclaman ser involucrados en los procesos de toma de decisiónes sobre la ciudad en la que viven.
    En lugar de esto lo que han recibido ha sido un uso excesivo la fuerza y enormes cantidades de gas lacrimógeno disparado directamente a sus caras. Tres personas han perdido los ojos.

    Y ellos aún marchan. Cientos de miles se les han unido. Un par de miles más ha cruzado el puente del Bósforo a pie para apoyar a la gente de Taksim.

    Ni un periódico, ni un canal de televisión estuvo allí para cubrir los hechos. Estaban ocupados grabando noticias sobre Miss Turkía y “el gato más extraño del mundo”.

    La policía siguió enfrentándose a la gente y rociándoles con gas pimienta hasta el punto de que perros y gatos perdidos por allí muerieron envenenados.

    Escuelas, hospitales e incluso hoteles de cinco estrellas en los alrededores de la plaza Taksim abrieron sus puertas a los heridos. Los doctores llenaron las clases y las habitaciones de los hoteles para suministrar primeros auxilios. Algunos agentes de policía se negaron a rociar a inocentes con gas lacrimógeno y dimitieron de sus trabajos. Pusieron inhibidores alrededor de la plaza para impedir la conexión a internet y las redes de 3g fueron bloqueadas.
    Residentes y negociantes en la zona proveyeron de conexión gratuita para la gente en las calles. Los restaurantes ofrecieron comida y agua gratis.

    La gente de Ankara y de Izmir se reunieron en las calles para ofrecer apoyo a la resistencia de Estambul.

    Los principales medios de información siguen retransmitiendo sobre Miss Turkía y “el gato más extraño del mundo”.


    Escribo esta carta para que podais saber lo que está pasando en Estambul. Los medios de información masiva no os van a contar nada de esto. Al menos no en mi país. Por favor publica tantos artículos como encuentres en internet y difunde esta noticia por el mundo.
    Mientras publicaba artículos explicando lo que pasa en Estambul anoche en mi Facebook alguien me preguntó:

    “¿Qué pretendes conseguir quejándote de nuestro país a los extranjeros?”

    Este blog es mi respuesta.

    De eso llamado “quejarme” de mi país espero conseguir:

    Libertad de expresión y de discurso,

    Respeto por los derechos humanos,

    Control sobre las decisiones que tomo sobre mi propio cuerpo,

    Derecho a reunirme legalmente en cualquier parte de la ciudad sin ser considerado un terrorista.

    ¡Pero, sobre todo, llevando la información hasta vosotros, amigos míos en otras partes del mundo, espero conseguir vuestra concienciación, vuestro apoyo y vuestra ayuda!

    Por favor, difunde y comparte este blog.


    Para más información o ayuda que puedas ofrecer, por favor contacta con Amnistía Internacional.

  454. Anonim dedi ki:

    I’m sharing this with my social network in US. I’m in support of the people and am sickened by the government that refuses to acknowledge it’s citizens concerns. Be strong Istanbul and keep the world posted. We need to know. “Injustice anywhere, threatens justice everywhere.”

  455. Geri bildirim: Turquie : Ils ont brouillé la connexion internet et les réseaux 3G ont été bloqués | Outsourcing Contact, OC Magazine Web 2.0

  456. Anonim dedi ki:

    Good luck brave people of Turkey our thoughts are with you.

  457. Wayne H Franklin dedi ki:

    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk must be spinning in his tomb over the destruction of the fine country of Turkey by these barbaric totalitarians. I loved my years when I lived in Izmir. It will be a sad day when Turkey is ruled by The Caliphate and Sharia Law is implemented. And you were doing so well. Very sad.