World Wheelchair’s Home Exchange Program (Step 1)

Hello all the wheelchair users of the world!

How are you guys doing? I wanted to reach out to you but could not figure out a way to do so. Therefore I decided to use my very own blog. I hope the word spreads and reaches out to you…

Here is what I thought today as I was searching for some Airbnb houses in Melbourne. What if we start an “exchange your wheelchair-friendly home with another wheelchair user’s home” program? No kidding. You know what i mean. My husband has MS and 95% disabled. We love to travel and we love to travel big. I mean all across the world. Why not?

Well, you know very well why not.

Because there is no place like home. When you need ramps, elevators, grab bars, step-free shower, and all the other stuff that you know very well. Yes, it is true on theory you can rent a home that is supposedly wheelchair friendly only to realize that the doors were not wide enough and the host forgot to tell you that little (!) detail or that there was no maneuvering space in the toilet… Oh well, how can they know, right? Rİght. There is no way that they would know what you need, what WE need when traveling abroad or to some other town.

But we know. We each know what we each need in a home away from home.

So what do you say if we begin a program?

Let’s say we have a fully equipped home in Athens, Greece and you have one in Melbourne Australia. Both sides dare not to take a big trip because… who knows what surprises are waiting for us on the other side of the world?


What if there are no surprises but freedom of traveling and the comfort of your home?

Shall we give it a try? What do you say? Any wheelchaired people out there to try it out with us? Write me here in the comments. Maybe we are at the beginning of a fantastic project.

At the moment I have nothing but my willingness to travel with my husband… And I have you. Let’s spread the word and see what comes out. Please let whoever might be interested in this project know about it. The homes must be fully equipped for wheelchair users. You know what I mean.

Your dreamer,

Defne Suman

PS: I am a real person. A yoga teacher and novelist from Istanbul. You can check my website.

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