An Interview about my New Novel

Here is a link to an interview conducted with me by dear INO COHEN about literature, life, Greek-Turkish relationships, Smyrna, Istanbul and and my new book The Silence of Sehrazad (“Emanet Zaman” in Turkish) defne-suman-english.pdf erişimi için tıklayın

Remains of the Funeral

So we buried my father. In the past I always thought that when people go through such emotional traumas, their minds would be so clouded that they couldn’t be aware of anything that was happening around them. A haze, I thought, would have surrounded them and they wouldn’t remember a thing once it is all“Remains of the Funeral” yazısının devamını oku

Farewell to my Baba

My father is dead. I am staring at this sentence that I have just typed. My father is dead. This is my own father whom I am taking about. Not the father of a character from my novel. My father. “Come on,” says a voice in me. “There is NO way!” The voice in me“Farewell to my Baba” yazısının devamını oku

Bicycle Pump Part 5

take me to the beginning… My plan worked out pretty well: Esin and I came back home for lunch unnoticed. In the hustle and bustle of lunch preparation, I easily sneaked back to the master bedroom and unloaded the contents of my backpack back in the closet. During lunch, Esin was quieter than usual but“Bicycle Pump Part 5” yazısının devamını oku

Bicycle Pump Part 4

back to the previous parts…   I looked over to the other side where Ruya, Mina and their brother were anxiously waiting for us to pass. Technically, they were already in “Club waters.” Behind them stretched the private beach with long chairs and striped cushions, matching umbrellas, sun bathing moms and swimming children. A few“Bicycle Pump Part 4” yazısının devamını oku